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    Rotarycraft Fermenter - How can I control the temperature?

    Why not? What do you have against magnetostatic users? Are you a Magnetist? A Staticnazi? If you are really THAT concerned people skip regular progression for Magnetostatics, just remove the low power magnetos, leave only the strongest one and make it require such late game things that they...
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    Why is my AE system being so derpy, shutting itself off?

    Are the chunks around it loaded? Maybe if there's a couple of cables outside the loaded chunk area they break the thing. If the chunks ARE unloaded, every time you leave base there might be an issue with the connection of the power to your controller, which would make replacing the controller...
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    Protip for the spammers: Make the spambots write in English, not word salads.

    Protip for the spammers: Make the spambots write in English, not word salads.
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    Fastest way to get magical crops

    You could used Fertilized Soil from random things if you want that extra water space, given you have Random Things installed. I just cheesed it with hyper time torches from Dartcraft
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    Why do you like hardmode/grindy minecraft?

    I think calling it creative mode is justified since I just lashed out at the diffuclty factor. Yes, creative mod could be used, but having to actually deal with food and enemies add the level of depth that the game would need to be more than a 3d modelling semi-tool. It's the ULTRAHARD BASSES...
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    Why do you like hardmode/grindy minecraft?

    Why put difficulty in an open ended game though? I am currently playing the Yogscast pack (ATL, I know, but mods are mods regardless of modpackers) and all the "difficult" things like hardcore end and leveling up spells in ars magica (jegus crust that's hard) and several bosses are just... in...
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    Recipe Conflict between Ic2 bronze tools and mekanism bronze tools?

    I noticed that while playing in a modpack with both Mek and Metallurgy. Metallurgy made bronze incredibly cheap and Mek made it incredibly stronk. How does Mek produce bronze? How crazy does it have to be to be higher than diamonds and as powerful as obsidian?
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    1.8 "The Bountiful Update" Released

    There's the one modding API and that's about it. Hard to not standarize when there's only one way to make mods apart from making your own exe as you described. tAPI uses jSon files, that's why I asked "Anybody up for learning some json?". I don't know if those use C or their own language, but I...
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    BIZARRO Minecraft Discussion

    ITT: We speak about Minecraft as presented in an alternate dimension where the basic notions of the game are turned upside down. Example: Hey guys, lately I've been having trouble with my furnaces, they seem to get out of their pen everytime I look away and I don't know how to contain them...
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    1.8 "The Bountiful Update" Released

    Perhaps the same could be said of all religions games. This is a Minecraft mod community, it is assumed we all own Minecraft here, but the same argument applies to this game as well as any other. Also, it was a joke, more like saying "fly, you fools".
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    1.8 "The Bountiful Update" Released

    I am just done with reading everything about how completely f'ed up beyond all nightmares the code for Minecraft is (jesus f'ck 2500 classes) and the only thing I have to say is... I wonder how well these mods could work in Terraria... I am sure some ideas could be ported just fine... anybody...
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    A Shitstorm

    I for one am the kind of person that genuinely enjoys solar power and Mekanism's wind turbines. I know I know, it's boring as all hell and requires 0 thought to it, but I'd rather not think too much after dying three times to lava, losing all my stuff and restarting the world out of frustration...
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    Too many splits. The torque probably turned to 0 since you divided it so many times, making the wattage 0. Can't really operate a fan without the most minimum of torques. Steam engines are cheap and easy to set up, and you don't really need a diamond gearbox to manage 9 blocks of fanning, so why...
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    Is Rotarycraft stupidly difficult or am I the stupid one?

    Good job, engineer. Now run enough grinders at fast enough operation times to even begin to consume all that canola.
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    Rain - STAHP!!!

    You can also get a Banish Rain spell in Ars Magica 2!