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    looking for 5-8 players for a direwolf server UK

    I'd like to join... I'm also working a full time job, so that would be fine. PM me with a Teamspeak IP please
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    Windows .exe Long load/connection issues? [RESOLVED]

    still cant connect... now it says 500
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    Fluing ducks and pigs in main world..?

    this time directrly under yours...
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    Flying baby pigs on chickens constantly from the sky. Help please look through the forums, before you open a new thread, it is litterally just 3 Threads under yours...
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    Falling explosive chickens with pig from the sky

    this is an easteregg from Portalmod, afaik
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    [1.5 and up]StellarCraft- Most of the FTB Mods (AND TE3!) on 1.6.4/1.5.2!

    I just found a mountain compleetly covered in clay Pots... the game crashed without an errorlog O.o
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    GTA FTB Heists

    I don't think that this is a good Idea... If you think that this may be good... learn Java and do it by yourself... Allmost noone will make mods by request for free...
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    Unsupported FTB Unhinged Modpack Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: Unhinged Mod & Version: 1.0.1 Pastebin link to crash log: No crash Whats the bug? Leaking worlds in SMP after clean installation. (on creeperhost) Can it be repeated? yes Known Fix: