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    Whitelist Server The Orb|Direwolf20 1.6.4 - 1.0.23|White list| small server|BiomesOPlenty

    Minecraft Name: Bobafette90 - Pommodoro - gagohul Age : 19 - 18 - 21 Where do you live : Italy Average Hours to Play (per day/week): 10 hours per day more or less Extra Info: we are 3 friendly guys who want to have some fun with a respectfull community, 2 of us are new to the modpack but they...
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    Server Application: 1. In game Name: BoBaFette90, get_rhythm, d1gg3r777 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): x-faby-x ( the other 2 guys got skype too, but since we are close frineds you can talk with me About the server application, then i'll share you their contacts) 3. Age: 19, 30, 18 4...
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    Red Power Automatic Wheat Energy Farm

    well, i did say a bullshit by saying that they do not work well with machinaries, but i still think that with autocrafting table they suck unless you prove me wrong. whenever i tried to use tubes for autocrafting table it ended up putting stuff in the wrong position, no matter what the input...
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    Red Power Automatic Wheat Energy Farm

    tubes should not be used for autocrafting and machinaries cause they work really bad. I've made it with builcraft pipes and easy redstone logic. I'm having trouble uploading an immage of that cause i'm noob but i'll try to explain it: diamond pipe from combine split wheat and seeds *seeds go...
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    Whitelist Server REFER TO NEW THREAD ABOVE

    Age: 19 Country: Italy Timezone: CEST Minecraft IGN: Bobafette90 Skype or Teamspeak: x-faby-x is my skype's name, but i rather use teamspeak. I used to use skype only when i was youger. A little about yourself: very competitive nerdy guy, i like to spend all my free time playing, but since...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    does the server have some serious problem?
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    yh people just try this server and they feel like they are playing on a well-done random server, so they start doing their stuff and ofc after few hours they get bored, we should start to act more like a community rather than a speedrun to the best tech (set up a spawn area, derp aroud, have fun...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    hey guys, as i said, i'm in vacantion but i think i've found out a way to play a little bit every day (1 hour lol). I've tried to log in these days but server is often down, so i was wondering if i'm just unlucky or the server is definetly closed. when i'll be back i'll be able to play full time...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    IGN: bobafette90 - i really like to have fun with people and do very complicated stuff. I'm actually trying to get better in making builds look nice. I'm open to help everyone without receiving reward ofc. i've never pranked so far but i think i should start doing (not often ofc), i belive it...
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    Whitelist Server Tartarus | Ultimate | Mature 18+ | Hard | 15 slots | TeamSpeak

    IGN Name: Bobafette90 Age: sorry i'm turning only 19 in few weeks, but i used to be a nerd since i was 14 and i've learned a lot from the flames i received when i was 15 :D , if you really require 21+ people, then no problem, i'll just disappear . Location: Italy, pretty much hate my country...