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  • Is OPIS disabled for a reason?

    Just tried it client wise on the server a bit of lag when its on. Not switching it on the server side as dont know why its been disabled, will be setting up a command block to let people know if they want it, to activate it on client side only.
    Hope you can tell us why in the next episode.
    If this is THE Direwolf20, then i am LapisDesigner, i've been trying to tell you in the comments section of your videos but that can be very unreliable because there are Just So Many. I recommend that you look into MouseTweaks it really helps with faster and easier crafting just as much as InventoryTweaks does with managing chests. I think it would especially help when you're recording.
    Yo DW. Is it realy you. If so end me a youtube PM so i know its not RichradG Trolling everyone. Im suscribed, ELPOZ100 If you PM me i'll start following you on the forum.
    Is this THE Direwolf20 or RichardG being a troll?
    the world may never know... until we are told!
    well, if we think about it it says he was last seen on nov 13th which is pretty early for the forums i mean, when was it created someone could check and verify it
    He's been a member longer than RichardG so I'm assuming he's the real Direwolf20 he just doesn't come on the forums.
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