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  • he man redpowed is out on feed the beast! i was wondering if u would start a server with the direwolf or mindcrack server pack! If u do id like to play on your server caus last time i had a lot of fun! tanx andyway! hope hearing from u soon. Harmy7
    Hey man I hope you get better soon! it sucks that your feeling under the weather, get better and stay safe~ I can't wait till you fixed the server bugs so me and the other fokes can be whitelisted, :p
    Hey apple, Is something wrong with your server? Because in less if your updating the whitelist with out posting about it, I seem to have been able to log in without being white listed. It deeply confuses me, and I wanted to let you know.
    Looks like they took all the ores we had as well. I left Salander27 a message on some signs so he doesn't freak as bad.
    Hey Apples, some guy named xefilis took salander27's tier 5 blaze shard, I'm sure it was him due to no one else being near our area when it was taken and him complaining that his house was burning down due to now being a blaze spawner. when I said something about it he denied it and quickly logged off.
    Salander27 will likely be more upset since he did the work for that shard.
    Resetting my character data didn't help, unfortunately. We need you to actually restart the server. The support team told me earlier that if re-installing java, re-installing FTB, and restarting my computer didn't work, then it had to be a server-side error and that I should get you to restart it. Really sorry!
    Hey, Apples, according to the FTB support chat, the reason I can't log in is because of an error with the mining age instance's authentication network (or something along those lines). They said my best bet is if you restart the server. I know that's a bit much to ask for a single player, but would you mind restarting the server really quick so that I can play? I'm enjoying the server, and I'd hate to have to quit.
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