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    [1.7.10] Ingenuity - Are you Ingenious? ---- Where's all the usual mods?!?! o.O

    Ohhh sorry, my bad. But I think Tinkers is quite popular. People often dont use other tools.
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    Get Hard (Concept for a mod?)

    There is a mod called 'Difficult Life' with the function you want.
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    Lesser-known magic mods

    Clockwork Phase. Chromaticraft. And as a TC addon, Thaumic Horizons.
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    Looking for some people to test my taint(ed lands)

    I must say, that looks nice. But without steeling your motivation, there is sth like this called Blightfall.
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    I'm in the mod-posting-mood, so here we go: :D
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    Time for progression by joshie! :) What is Progression? Progression is a mod that allows you to control how a player can interact with the world, or the things they can craft, at the basic level. At the more involved level, it allows you to build and design tech trees, where a player cannot...
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    Natural Essence [Ideas] - 1.7.10 (+60 mods) Natural based SMP.

    I suggest Butterfly Mania, but I dont if it works with other biomes mods.
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    death note is awesome.

    death note is awesome.
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    Tools for Pack Creators

    I have a new mod for the list, ist called Difficult Life. The main feature is increasing the difficulty of the game over the time. (creeper with 200hp:D) Additionally there are some health options and some other things. All configurable, of course.
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    What makes a good multiblock?

    If multiblocks are clever, i like them. (TC Furnace, Big Reactors) Another point you can add to your list is realism - making a coke oven 1x1 block dont seems real. :D
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    What would YOU change about BuildCraft?

    For all of those wanting a multiblock refinery, there is one in buildcraft additions.
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    Ok, your mod - your decision.

    Ok, your mod - your decision.
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    And? good or bad idea? ;D

    And? good or bad idea? ;D