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    Casual Server Creeperhost Server - FTB Ultimate + More Mods *ONLY TWO PLAYERS!

    I have a magma cube, Creeperhost server with the modpack FTB ultimate installed on version 1.4.7, I am currently looking for players to play along on my server. Ive wanted a server for years and always have been willing to set up a server and play with a couple of 'new' friends. On my server i...
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    FTB Launcher suggestion

    I guess that could happen ??
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    FTB Release!

    Yes I agree that redpower is a key mod , You play it and you fall in love with it it's hard to let go for a while , . But people have to respect eloramms . So we wait ..
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    Launcher out now!

    If he added offline mode people with cracked minecraft a would just take advantage , so I think it's fair to not add offline mode :P
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    Private Pack FTB-Craft || Minecraft 1.5.2 || Extended v11.7 || MyTown || No whitelist

    Is there any point me joining again , u always start to faraway from spawn
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    TripleNation |FTB 1.0.1 pack A|White list|

    Awesome Server Dray :)
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    its not out yet ;)
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    Hey ya'll!

    Hey Flora :p