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    [1.7.10] Elysium Modern Warfare (PvP, Faction)

    Pack Code EMW Elysium Modern Warfare is a PvP / Faction modpack, the official server address is in the pack. Discord: Website: Attentive Staff High-end Dedicated Server The server features a custom-made dungeon challenge, groups...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server Crash

    paste a link to the entire log
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    Severe Lag Issues SF3

    Without a log it's hard to say.
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    Java SE binary error

    If your system has dual gpus (for instance, mine as has a crappy Intel gpu, and a less crappy Nvidia gpu) you may need to right-click on the launcher and choose the nvidia adapter. does this apply to you?
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    Java SE binary error

    Perhaps editing your file in /configs and setting it to Disable would help?
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    Java SE binary error

    org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel format not accelerated <--- go back to Java 8x64u25, its the only version that will work for you due to Windows 10 / Intel GPU / Java issues. Try re-installing that version of it, and choosing it via Jar launcher.
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    Java SE binary error

    The log says you are using Java 8x64 u25, if you are using the Curse launcher, have a look in here and change it to the newest 64 bit java
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    Java SE binary error

    Try a java re-install:
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    Java SE binary error

    The log doesn't contain whatever your Java popup error had it in. Could you provide a screenshot?
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    stuck on loading world screen until i force close minecraft

    Pastebin a log, and put a link to it here.
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    Best Recommended Hardware Specs for Modded Minecraft?

    I'd take Drbretto's advice too: For the CPU, definitely prioritize direct speed over number of cores and other fancy features. For the RAM, absolutely no less than 8 GB not intel integrated graphics (ie any dedicated graphics card*) <-----this is really key. Get one with an SSD too, if you...
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    Request Help with adding mods

    Make a copy of your server and add them to that, see if it breaks.
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    Player log to MySQL database may do what you want, but you'll need to be running Thermos, or some fork of Cauldron to use it, maybe Sponge?