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    Closed AE2 Stuff blocks breaking on chunk load, deleting contents

    Summary of the problem AE2 Stuff blocks breaking on chunk load, deleting contents Pack Version 1.0.0 What is the bug? Every time you load a chunk that has an AE2 Stuff Crystal Growth Chamber or Advanced Inscriber (maybe the others too, not tested with those), they break into entities and...
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    Solved Unable to Select Created World in Minecraft 1.7.10

    Did that really fix it? I've been having this bug for like a month, and I've turned off Game Mode and it didn't fix it.
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    Open The "The 'The Vat'" quest has no objective

    This has been fixed for the next update
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    Open No Rewards?

    Neither of the Infinity packs are supposed to be used with the HQM hardcore mode turned on, so you have as many lives as you need. I think it would be better to play now instead of waiting because we don't have rewards scheduled at all yet.
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    Open No Rewards?

    Yes, the majority of quests do not have rewards yet. There were pretty split opinions on whether or not to include rewards, so we played it safe and didn't have any. We may eventually add rewards though.
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    I tried to download the pack, but I just got vanilla 1.7.10
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    Whitelist Server Dragon Craft | FTB 1.5.2 Beta | Whitelisted | 25 Slots

    aaronhowser1 14 played since B 1.7.3 and have played with technical mods since tekkit was new circle green-red Jokes are very much like frogs; if you dissect them they die
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    Is Aether Mod compatible with FTB?

    Posting late, but that is NOT true. This entire time the aether has been updating, and you can follow the process at