Zombe mod for FTB 1.4.7

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Jul 29, 2019
I've tried finding a Zombe mod version that works with Feed the Beast but couldn't find one that didn't crash so instead I decided to fix the sources myself to work with FTB.

I have only really been working on the cheat module so far and haven't enabled all other module options yet so I'm not sure which ones will work correctly. The fly mod has basically functionality but still crashes so I will work on that one as well. Theoretically all of the mods that only use the core functions should be working ok, the other ones I haven't added will be greyed out in the mod options menu.

I have only been using this with the FTB Ultimate pack so I'm not sure if it works with the other FTB versions or not. Theoretically it should work the same with other packs as well.

I'm working through the different bugs so if you have any other specific module requests please let me know and I will try and focus on them as well.

At least with this version the game will load and will not crash with every action the player does any more but I only turn the mod on as I need it for now. I'll keep updating it with fixes as I find more crashes.

zombe_config.zip - Zombe Config Files
zombe_ftb_1.4.7__0.1.1.zip - v0.1.1 based on Zombe 6.8.3 for FTB Ultimate 1.0.1 on Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. From the Feed the Beast Launcher click "Edit Mod Pack".
  2. Switch to the "JarMods" tab and click "Add Mod"
  3. Add the zip file downloaded from this page.
  4. Download and extract the config zip file to the "FeedTheBeast\Ultimate\minecraft\mods" folder
    (Should have the txt files in a folder called zombe under the mobs folder)
  5. Edit the config.txt file to enable the mods and settings you wish to use.
NOTE: I have modified some of the default keys so they do not conflict with FTB options.
F6 is now the key to open the mod config menu in game.

Change Log:
  • Remove extra mod files from zombe pack and begin updating for compatibility with FTB
  • Update classes to avoid crashes for basic player actions
  • Enable cheat mod functionality

Boobs Mcjagger

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Jul 29, 2019
Dude, this thing is impossible to download? It says, on Hotfile, that I'm downloading two things at once (I'm not) I forced my IP to change and it still says the same thing?:/