Yellow chest not accepting furnace generator

Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by Pyure, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    This may be more of a general inquiry than a tech one. What does it mean if the chest for the Yellow team (mine, single player) does not accept a furnace generator? I tried in one of the other chests and it works fine there. Did I break my chest somehow?
  2. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    It might just mean you need to reset the 'computer' - there's a button in the central pyramid. I've had to do it once so far ... by the way, it can take some time to fully reset.
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  3. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    That did the trick. Thanks kindly :)

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