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    Summary of the problem Yellorium and Ender IO

    Pack Version 1.10.0

    What is the bug? Basically, I have a 2 pulverizers and 4 redstone furnaces setup, and I have item conduits linking them with a chest, the chest only receives the secondary output of the pulverizers and the ingots after melting in the furnaces (i dont have only yellorium linked to this circuit) I have tin, gold, etc. In all other pulverizers after the ore is done pulverizing, the dusts go directly to the furnaces, they even have all different colours.. but i dont know why the yellorium dust instead of going to the furnaces, goes to the chest... and you could say, well just output from the chest to the furnaces with a item filter for yellorium dust (because i have everything connected) but because i have the chest connected to the AE2 network, most of the times it goes directly to the network. It shouldnt go to the chest since it has different "extract"(pulverizers) and "input"(chest) colours.

    Mod & Version Ender IO 1.10.2-3.1.180

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable?

    Known Fix
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    Have you tested if the Redstone Furnace in question will accept Yellorium dust? You could try connecting the chest only to the Furnaces and having them send their outputs to the AE2 system directly, instead of into a buffer chest. The common practice with most Pulverizer and Furnace setups is to have the Pulverizer configured to feed directly into the Furnace, unless you need certain inputs filtered out, in which case you use an intermediary chest or sorting pipe from some mod between the two and only export that which does not go into a furnace on a whitelist or blacklist.

    There's videos that would explain how to do this far better than I can, but you don't need to buffer chest your dusts unless you're trying to filter out unwanted dusts or other byproducts.

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