world was corrupted after computer accidently shut off

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by SickMySelf, Apr 8, 2016.

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    world was corrupted after computer accidently shut off
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    Lost power while playing. now I cant load my world, it says...
    Forge Mod Loader detected that the back up level.dat is being used.
  2. SickMySelf

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    Anyone know how I can get my world back?
  3. Zedtho

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    Hmm, it's only the level.dat that is corrupted, you might want to copy the Backup level.dat and place it instead of the corrupted one.
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    Thank you! I am very new to this and not very experienced, so could you explain how I would do what you've advised? Where do I even locate the back up level.dat?
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  5. DeathOfTime

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    There is a curse folder on your computer somewhere. Probably in the my documents folder. Go in there and look for "Instances"folder. In their should a folder named after the modpack. Go into it and find the backup folder. Browse that until you find a file name level.dat for the world that got corrupted. Copy it to the same world folder in saves. See if that helps. Ether way report back.

    If you are using the FTB launcher the instance folder will be wherever the install path in the options menu points to.

    Backup the world save before making any alterations to it, or even running it again. Then if one thing doesn't work the backup is there as a undo. Might also be worth a little time with google if you have it to spare. Look up "World Edit" (there should be a thread dedicated to it on the main minecraft forums. In the tools section.) Loading the world in it and immediately saving it might fix the issue.

    Going to pop the links I have for the sites you might want to reference. As with all links you might find in the internet, verify them from at least two other sources before even giving them the most basic trust. Paranoia on the Web isn't really possible anymore. My bookmarks going on forever and I am always occasionally finding one that aims at a site that has gone missing or worse.
    Minecraft Forums - The main minecraft forums
    Official Minecraft Wiki - Lots of vanilla minecraft stuff in here. And lots of stuff that isn't
    Unofficial Feed The Beast Wiki - this tends to have more in it then the official one. At least it did last time I looked.
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    Wow thanks for the advise. I'll give it a go when I get home.
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    I've been unsuccessful restoring my world. Is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future? It seems ridiculous to me that a computer simply shutting off while playing can cause such a disaster?
    I really appreciate your help.
  8. DeathOfTime

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    Keep the computer shutting off to a minimum. The issue is the game is constantly saving. Closing any game while it is saving tends to lead to save file corruption. If the computer is just suddenly powering off that can lead to a lot of other issues. File corruption and hard drive failure being the likeliest ones.

    What are the most common causes of sudden PC shutdown for you?

    If it is power failure (the hardest one to deal with and fully stop) a uninterruptible power supply is pretty much a must. Not a cheap one either. Cheap ones won't keep the computer on long enough to shut it down. I was always having problems with power. Strangely enough I don't notice it as much, could be that it is no longer a issue for my computer. I had a power failure while installing a game. It was a rather large disk install (Dungeons Siege 2 + Broken World). I was on the last install disk when the power cut. I had to completely uninstall it and start over. Without the power failure it was the longest to install game I eve owned.

    If it is accidental button presses there are a few options. Reassign the button to something else or disable it, this is even possible with the case power button in Linux. If it is a recessed button place stiff cardboard over it and tape that down. Failing all else, put the button in a less easy to reach area. I had a UPS that my cat would walk over and press the power button on. It would instantly shut the device down. I used a lighter instead of cardboard that time. I stopped buying stuff with the power button on the top like that when I was replacing stuff.

    If it is a component failure then their are much worse things to worry about then save file corruption.

    If you computer is at least slightly better then a potato, like mine, then running a server along side the single player client helps. Lots of things that crash the client won't crash the server. I have rarely had a server crash. The client tends to crash (not so much on infinity). The world save is on the server so is a is a lot harder to loose from corruption when the client crashes. Make sure to shut down the server properly though. (save-all and stop typed in the command window does it, I hope)

    Don't run the game while you aren't there. If all else fails try renting a good server from a company like CreeperHost. It will cost a bit even if you get it while it is on sale. It can prove worth it though. I think I was paying $35 a month for mine. It was spider or spider jockey level. I can't remember. It worked really well. My main issue was their control panel system being crap, and the auto server reset system being horrible. The less I used the panel to work with the game files the more likely it was to work. The server reset scheduling option didnt' give warning through, at all. I had it set to every six hours as that was the easiest one for everyone to remember and expect.
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