Open World Crashes Upon Entering

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  1. Summary of the problem World Crashes Upon Entering

    Pack Version 1.6.1

    What is the bug? As soon as the world opens, the game crashes and immediately goes back to the launcher. Note that this doesn't occur when in the main menu or creating a new world, only upon entering that world.

    Mod & Version N/A

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes, anytime I enter it doesn't work. This glitch is also found in multiple other mod packs, and the only one that there is no glitch is Agrarian Skies 2.

    Known Fix None.
  2. mc.crab

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    If you have a dedicated GPU make sure Java is set to use that, otherwise update the integrated GPU drivers.
  3. I tweaked around a little bit and might have potentially made some progress, but I can't read code at all. Is this a step in the right direction?

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