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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EODCrafter, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. EODCrafter

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    Does anyone know where World Border information is stored, for example the twilight world? I am trying to remove it but if I delete the dimension and allow it to recreate, the border comes back. BTW, Forge Essentials World Border is disabled and no other World Border Mods are installed. Someone mentioned explaining World Border....The Minecraft Wavy World Border that is created in a elliptical pattern at a set coordinates. REF: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/World_border
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  2. ICountFrom0

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    If you are reaching "world border" in twilight forest, it's not minecraft world border.
    It's part of the forced progression system in twilight forest that prevents you from going into areas before you've unlocked them.


    And yes, it can be disabled, but give it an honest try, if you would.
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  3. GamerwithnoGame

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    See, I was wondering about this as well. It may be that they're used to the old Twilight Forest and aren't aware of the new system (which for me is a massive improvement and really adds character to the mod!).
  4. EODCrafter

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    Thanks for that creative response, but I made a World Border, (with forge essentials) not forced progression. anyway, I will close this thread since the world has long since been deleted. BTW, when you hit it or try to TP past it, It says, "You have reached the World Border".

    Well Nevermind, I guess you can't close a thread.
  5. GamerwithnoGame

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    Right, first of all there is no need for the snarky sarcasm - YOU asked the question.

    Second of all, you said the forge essentials world border was disabled, yet you've just said YOU MADE THE BORDER WITH FORGE ESSENTIALS. Make your damn mind up and don't get snappy with people who've tried to help when given incomplete and/or incorrect information.

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  6. EODCrafter

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    Wow, nothing snarky/snappy, I made the world border then after i realized people who made portals outside the border in the over world crashed the server, I disabled forge essentials world border trying to fix it but it wouldn't go away. I think 99.9% of Minecraft Server Admins know what a World Border looks like, so the snarky sarcasm of game progression is what is not needed. I labeled the thread World Border for reason, please settle down.
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    Bull. Don't even try that. @ICountFrom0 made a genuine suggestion based on the - again, flawed information - provided. Keep the passive-aggressive to yourself. And do you really think that it is such a well known and common facility? World Borders are actually fairly new, I believe - at least in terms of the wavy world border stuff.

    You've been a dick, you've been called on it, and you've tried to blame others and say they are being what you are being. I'm done here.
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  8. EODCrafter

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    There was nothing flawed with my information. I gave a link to what I was seeing in the OP. (Someone mentioned explaining World Border....The Minecraft Wavy World Border that is created in a elliptical pattern at a set coordinates. REF: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/World_border), I can't believe for a millisecond someone would click on that and translate it to Game Progression. How stupid do you think people are? Your just having a bad day and trying to bully me.
  9. GamerwithnoGame

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    You put the link in afterwards, and you've now managed to insult the people who tried to help AGAIN.

    It was not an unreasonable link at all to make given the Twilight Forest's change from a free-roaming world to one where your ability to enter areas is dictated by your progression.

    And don't presume to assume my day one way or the other. I shouldn't have gotten quite so annoyed, but there is something that irks me about rude people like yourself. Fascinating how it's suddenly turned around to being bullying when it's someone calling you on your bad behaviour for what it is.

    This has brought out an ugly side of me, so I will leave it at this:

    I apologise for getting angry, I should know better. I hope you figure out what's happening and manage to sort it out so it doesn't reoccur.
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  10. EODCrafter

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    Thanks for the kind remarks about getting it fixed (I ended up having to delete the entire server or I would have to make everyone edit their clients with a new Twilight Dimension ID to fix it, but it clearly shows in the above when the post was edited and that was a week ago, and the comment about game progression was made today. You guys really need to not "beat up" on Newbies who post here or we will just stop posting here.. I still think the comment about progression was just a troll, or he obviously did not read my post. Either way, my comment was not in any way snappy, but possibly it was snarkish a bit since I thought I was the one being trolled.
    For all future reference, DON'T USE WORLD BORDER, unless your sure no one can make a Portal in the over world past the Twilights world Border, (I guess it's 1-1, unlike the nether which is what, 8-1)? It actually does completely crash the server. All this has already been posted on Forge Essentials Github with no solutions. Some comments and help I have read on here will destroy a server, but that one is pretty harmless. I hope we can make a better community for helping people. Thanks.
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