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I play on a server with a friend. We have made ourselves AE2 wireless terminals and everything to go with it. We have placed down the wireless access points but when we go to place down the security terminal to link the Wireless terminal it locks the other player out. We have tried one of use doing everything and then giving the other the Wireless Terminal but that doesn't even work and they can't even access it by walking up to a terminal. If someone could explain what I'm doing wrong or how to set it up properly that would be great



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Jan 29, 2015
The other player needs a biometric card with their data on that has been set with the appropriate access by the person who laid down the security terminal to have been placed in the Security Terminal.

Basically, if you have put down the Security Terminal, you need to:
a) make a biometric card
b) right click it on your friend (to set their data to the card)
c) set the security access of the card, by putting it into the biometric card editor slot of the SecTerm and clicking the buttons next to the slot
d) place the card into the SecTerm's inventory

Once you've done these steps, the network then knows the other User, and they should then be able to put their wireless terminal through and link it up.
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