Open Wireless Crafting Terminal - Flux Controller - Charge



Summary of the problem Wireless Crafting Terminal - Flux Controller - Charge

Pack Version 1.2.1

What is the bug? I got:
-Flux Controller with Transmitter Mode: On
-Wireless Crafting Terminal

If the Wireless Crafting Terminal not full -> >100%
it charges without using Power from the Network but when it's full -> 100% it's using a big amount of Power from the network aslong it's full.

Sorry for the bad english.

Mod & Version Mods:
-Wireless Crafting Terminal

Versions I don't know.

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes, I discovered it on my server and repeate it on a singelplayerworld.


1. Build a powersource/storage
2. Connect a FluxPoint to the powersource/storage
and create a Network
3. Build a FluxController and select the Network from
the step before.
4. Get a Wireless Crafting Terminal
5. Look the bug happen.

Known Fix


Same issue here. 100% charged yet still draining 240k rf/tick. If I place it in my ender pouch the drain stops.