Open Wireless Crafting Terminal 2 Mod not working properly

Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by Wolfsmyth, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Wolfsmyth

    Wolfsmyth New Member

    Summary of the problem Wireless Crafting Terminal 2 Mod not working properly

    Pack Version FTB Revelations 2.6.0

    What is the bug? The wireless crafting terminal bauble is not letting players pull out using left click, items can be put in using left click. And crafting window is not working.

    Mod & Version Ftb revelations 2.6.0
    WirelessCraftingTerminal-1.12.2-3.9.68.jar (RV5)

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes

    Known Fix Mod author has fixed this in the next patch
    WirelessCraftingTerminal-1.12.2-3.10.81.jar (RV6)
  2. liquidthex

    liquidthex New Member

    Can confirm this is an issue.
    Does anyone have a workaround or wait for new version?
  3. Wolfsmyth

    Wolfsmyth New Member

    I put in the new version on my server and its working with no issues.
  4. liquidthex

    liquidthex New Member

    Thanks for your suggestion!
    I put the new version on my server but then clients can't connect they are told they are running an out of date WirelessCraftingTerminal :(
    I run a public server, so I can not force random people to update a single mod.
    Just hoping FTB is quick to update the pack, now :p
  5. Wolfsmyth

    Wolfsmyth New Member

    Yeah mine is a private server so i can tell the 8 to 10 people to download and install the mod. I do hope they fix this soon though.
  6. xordac

    xordac Guest

    Extremely annoying bug hope it gets patched soon. Public server so don't really want to do my own custom patch.

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