Which Mod Causes Thee Most Lag

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Thatguy14, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Thatguy14

    Thatguy14 New Member

    I was wondering which mod causes the MOST lag ever in FTB. FPS lag, not anything else
  2. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Umm... I'm going to go with mystcraft. Sometimes the ages just make so much lag.
  3. Thatguy14

    Thatguy14 New Member

    Ahhh. That was mine #1 to. but what else? I wanna make it as less laggy as possible without messing with alot of the gameplay.
  4. Zerren

    Zerren New Member

    FPS lag? I'm gonna have to say any mod that you go crazy insane with in a single area, (IC2 cables, Buildcraft pipes, Railcraft's cart train sounds for some(if your sound is on), pretty much any large amount of custom rendering in an area, or thaumcraft's graphic effects).
    Redpower has a particularly nasty FPS hit right now including something about the Relay and tick events. If at all possible, prefer to use Thermal Expansion for your transportation needs. Surprisingly enough, Gregtech's multiblock structures are unusually non-laggy, too.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. All computers are different.

    Things to avoid:
    •Large amounts of Redpower Relays (use hoppers for now)
    •Unnecessarily long amounts of Buildcraft piping(they're awesome for small, short jobs because of gates), prefer Liquiducts and Energy Conduits for long distances, or Tesseracts if you've got the pearls
    •A ton of single stack items going through tubes or pipes(compact them first in a chest, buffer, regulator, etc and use a method to remove stacks at a time (EG. 4 filters + 1timer on your super fast quarry enderchest))
    •Too many active timers (turn off ones you don't use! If you need to use them, use them smart. (EG. 1 Timer connected to 16 transposers, not a timer for each)
    •Timers on rediculously short delays, use a computer or a turtle for this
    •Huge arrays of solar panels or water mills, if available use compact solars or advanced solars if you're using the sun as your choice of energy
    •Extrabiomes Redwood/Fir forests tree leaves on fancy... I use Optifine and turn on Fast leaves for this very reason
    •If your computer is particularly not good, don't build a tier 5 soul shard blaze spawner in your house.. 250 blazes are laggy as hell with particles on
    •If you absolutely NEED a cobblegen and have gregtech installed, grit your teeth and use the Electric Rock Breaker for some EU. It prevents the constant lighting updates that block breaking does (you still need lava, but it doesn't move)
    •If your GPU supports it, TURN ON OpenGL, and if you have optifine, set it to Fast
  5. Thatguy14

    Thatguy14 New Member

    Holy jesus, thanks for thee answer! I didn't know all of that lags the game.
  6. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    You're better off using the Igneous Extruder instead. Only costs a little water and lava to make some cobblestone.

    Don't use factorization as much as possible. When you have too many machines giong, they lag like crazy.

    Play on a server if you can. It takes a massive strain off of your cpu.
  7. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon New Member

    Actually Redpower in general is not particularly friendly lagwise. It causes tons of chunkupdates, not only with Relays and Timers. Also Quarries cause a lot of problems (but not for a single person, but they stress servers).

    The thing is there are 3 things that work a bit differently:

    1. Things that happen serverside and slow down the server in general (normally causing a reduction of ticks per second).
    2. Things that happen on your side an make you drop FPS (exspecially rendering, but also sound)
    3. Things that need to be communicated between you and the server.

    Quarries as an example cause 1, they are no problem for you, but they stress the server. XyCraft caused a lot of 2 (and propably still does) since exspecially the crystals need a lot of rendering. Redpower belongs to category 3 since it convinces the client to update a lot of stuff, which normally is send from the server and causes traffic, which might be bad not only for the server, but also for your latency (not to mention most updates occur with new rendering anyway).

    To be honest, almost all mods produce lag. Some of them light Buildcraft or Redpower have means of producing even more than normally, but in the end you can do fps-heavy stuff with most mods. Also note that what causes FPS-lag totally depends on where you play. On a server a lot of things don't cause FPS-drops.
  8. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    I can easily get past most lag (except if i use portal gun or make a mystcraft age) by join starting a server and joining it. for some reason i don't get any world generation lag and i get about 20fps more (like I can actually see my players arms move rather than it just skipping frames.) I don't know why, but even when it's only me on the server, i get so much better performance than playing on the client.
  9. huldu

    huldu New Member

    Excessive use of cables and wires transferring energy/power. At least IC2 remade the way cables worked a while ago so that helped servers.

    A *lot* of RP timers running faster than 0.5 seconds.

    Chunkloaders in general and everything that uses chunkloading(like quarries). Not sure how CPU intense the quarries are these days, they did a lot of changes to how they work. Every loaded area in the game uses memory. A server with a lot of people on it uses a lot of memory. My server with only 3 people on it uses around 0.5-1gb ram, depending on chunkloading etc.

    Mystcraft worlds being generated. Once a world isn't used(ie nobody in them or chunkloaded) they will be unloaded from the server. The best use for mystcraft is for world "exploitation", setting up quarries, frames etc, since you most likely don't want to ruin the look on the "real" world.

    Excessive use of old school cobblestone generators. Don't use them. Use TE machinery.

    Forgot to add, a lot of machinery will tax the server quite a bit, obviously. Try be minimalistic if possible, especially if there are a lot of people on the server. This includes mob spawners as well.

    As for personal FPS, that's a different story. I really recommend getting Optifine that helps immensely in most cases.

    <edit> Wow, not sure where I got the "server" lag from, sorry about that! In some cases the above still applies tho :p
  10. Thatguy14

    Thatguy14 New Member

    Lol. Alright I was tinkerin' with my mods & what not & I figured out ExtraBiomesXL causes ALOT of lag, but I kinda saw this coming.

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