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What will happen with agrarian skies ?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Overahs, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Overahs

    Overahs New Member

    Good morning people ... Well, today I have been aware of the end of the contract with twitch, inquiring a bit I see that ftb will return to the traditional launcher, however when I look at it I realize that it does not have this fantastic jadedcat mod pack. We know if it will be? Or is it the final tragic of a work of art?
  2. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    Agrarian Skies was always a Third Party Pack, not an FTB Presents Pack. From the description presented in the news announcement, only FTB Presents packs will be removed from the CurseForge distribution network by the FTB team. So you should just be able to run or install it as before.

    ((Indeed, AS2 was never on the old FTB Launcher to begin with.))
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  3. Overahs

    Overahs New Member

    thanks for the info, we will have to improvise e.e. You can now close the thread.

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