Open well of suffering on ver 1.12.1


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem well of suffering on ver 1.12.1

Pack Version

What is the bug? I have a bug in Your modpack: Ver. 1.12.1 for mc 1.10. I have well of suffering under my blood altar. And mobs teleported in ther from cursed earth near. Both are chunkloaded, but when i fly away (my base is quite spread out) Both stop working. Cursed earth stop spawning mobs and well of suffering also stops working (as it stops using LP)
I tested both:
-cursed earth just stopped spawning mobs
-well of suffering stopped damaging mobs that i manually put in range (witches)
Also i tested FTB chunkloading from the map, Extrautilities chunkloading ward, both together and separatly...(edytowane)
Doesn't matter what i do, when i fly away my blood stops generating. And as i use blood to generate lava for amost whole server that gets me dizzy every time i log back up.

Mod & Version ftbpresent direwolf20 1.10 ver 1.12.1

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? as told in bug description

Known Fix HELP ME PLZ !