Request We are looking for a Lets Player to show off our Work/Modpack :)


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Jul 3, 2021
Hey guys me and my Team are looking for a Youtuber/Streamer who wants to support our massive Modpack Plexo 95, its no secret that the download rate of a modpack is decided by YouTubers so yea we invested over 2 years in Plexo 95 and Configured over 150 Mods for the most amazing and gameplay offering Skyblock experience you can get out of Minecraft! You can imagine Plexo as a combination of Hexxit and Skyfactory but with its own Questlines and Bosses, handplaced loot and beautiful Isles! We are super thankful for any support we can get in terms of downloads for the pack because its the most rewarding thing after such a long time of development (we dont want money or reach, we just want to show the modded community our awesome pack). Alright thanks for reading and here is a short overview of the features of Plexo 95.

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Key Features of Plexo 95:

Own Storyline with Rewards (FTB Quest Mod)
100+ Skyblock Isles with unique Design and handplaced Loot, Bosses (own loottable) & Traders.
Thirst Bar
Current Season is displayed on your UI on the top left
Random Mob Events (20 Different)
Automation (nearly any tech mod from Skyfactory & more)
Implementation of Hexxit dungeons in my Skyblock Plexo 95 World
Connected Capitals (teleport pads)
You get a Waystone at the beginning so you can always teleport to the Main Capitals (Isles)
Hexxit Armor
Unique Music
New Immersive Sounds
Every Optimisation Mod ins included for a smooth Gameplay
Staffs from Hexxit (essences)
Every well known Dimension Mod is included and can be unlocked on Isles, you need to find out how to unlock them
(Aether, Better Nether, Twilight Forest, Atum, AOA2 Teleporters can be found ond Plexo 95)
The special thing about this Skyblock world is, you can escape from it! I created a unique Portal that teleports you to a normal Biomes O Plenty world, but you need to beat Lord Plexo and for that you need to get strong!
Unique Enemys from AOA2, Ice and Fire and many more
Massive Endbosses which are big as a whole Plexo Isle
Tinkers Smithy
Buildcraft, Energy Converters, Mob Grind Utils and many similare Mods are included
Over 20 starter Skyblocks to choose from to begin your adventure
You can play this Modpack Online with your friends (I share the Server File on Curse) or Offline!
and much much more this is just the tip of the iceberg...


Get Plexo 95 here:

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