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VoxelSniper / Terraformin tool

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Ne_Mesis, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Ne_Mesis

    Ne_Mesis New Member

    hello I actualy have no idea where to post this.

    I like to run VoxelSniper on the ftb server not as a stand alone.
    the plugin is serverside, is it manageable with ftb ? and if so how do I put it to work.

    or is there already a nice tool for terraforming already ?
  2. Ne_Mesis

    Ne_Mesis New Member

    its a bukkit pluging as far as ive heard it should work with FTB.

    it tells me to put the VoxelSniper.jar into my Bukkit server's "plugins" folder.
    FTB don't have a "pluginsfolder"

    should I maybe extract that jar manualy ?
  3. frostmute

    frostmute Active Member

    why don't you just use the voxel mod pack? It's in the FTB launcher...

    FTB is based on FORGE, not BUKKIT. you will need a forge bridge that extends the bukkit api to be able to use bukkit plugins.

    look into BukkitForge on the minecraftforge forums if you want to do that.
  4. Ne_Mesis

    Ne_Mesis New Member

    can be so but it also worked under bukkit.

    ive actually skipped the idea using the general FTB server they all were outdated comparing to the voxelpack.

    now im using the mindcrack server instead its the same version as the voxelpack
    now I have another problem I need FML on the server I need to look in to what that is ? or anyone that can enlighten me, it would be appreciated.
  5. frostmute

    frostmute Active Member


    I don't think you get it....

    BUKKIT is not the same as FORGE

    MindCrack pack is not the same as VoxelMod pack

    Your options are:

    1. use the standalone Voxel pack that is in the FTB launcher

    2. Merge the Voxel pack MODS (not plugins) into the MindCrack pack


    3. use BukkitForge, or similar mod if one exist, to run the Voxel BUKKIT PLUGIN on top of the mindcrack pack

    as far as i know these are your only options

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