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Whitelist Server VisCraft 3.0 | Direwolf20 1.0.3 | Whitelist | Small Community | Mature | 20 slot | No Banned Items

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by SG1csifan, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. frankenzob123

    frankenzob123 New Member

    Ingame Name: frankenzob123


    Mod Experience:I've been playing modded minecraft since 2012. I know buildcraft, Industrial craft(all tech mods basically) I'm learning enderIO currently
    About Yourself:I live in London UK I'm a college student studying computer programming and development. I'm friendly and active and i love helping other people and making new friends.

    How long have you played minecraft?: For about three years now

    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: Is it like teamspeak if so then I dont mind using it.

    Have you been banned before?:no

    If so why?:n/a
  2. Stickbabiga

    Stickbabiga New Member

    Ingame Name: stickbabiga
    Age: 20 (soon to be 21)
    Mod Experience: Played the crap out of 1.5 and 1.6 First time with 1.7, although I'm doing my best to watch all of Dire's SSP LP
    About Yourself: Full time college student with a part-time job as Apple Tech support (despite not having any personal Apple products). Can still squeeze in quite a few hours, especially with my month-long winter break approaching.
    How long have you played minecraft?: When the Nether was first introduced back in Alpha
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: I have Mumble, RaidCall, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Skype. I think the receiver to my headset is dying though and I'm trying hard to get in contact with Logitech support which is the WORST.
    Have you been banned before?: Not that I can recall
    If so why?: N/A
  3. SG1csifan

    SG1csifan Active Member

    Welcome Cik_ and Stale_cookie
  4. SG1csifan

    SG1csifan Active Member

    welcome Millez171 and stickbabiga
  5. b0wchicab0w0w

    b0wchicab0w0w New Member

    Ingame Name: b0wchicab0w0w
    Mod Experience: I have a lot of experiance in most of the mods. for example thaumcraft.
    About Yourself: I'm getting bored with making amazing stuff and no one caring so i thought i would join a server. my play stile? I'm a automation man. I love to play minecraft.
    How long have you played minecraft?: I have played since beta.
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: Yes, but my mic broke last week, i will be getting a new one though.
    Have you been banned before?: Nope.
    If so why?: n/a
  6. LucidityMkIV

    LucidityMkIV New Member

    Ingame Name: LucidityMkIV
    Age: 23
    Mod Experience: Heh, the list of what I haven't played with in this modpack is shorter... Forestry, bees, EnderIO, Buildcraft, IC2, and a few other miscellaneous mods still elude me. I've recently watched spotlights on Botania and MineFactory Reloaded, and I'm definitely competent with Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, TiCo, and the beautification mods (Chisel, Carpenter's Blocks, Bibliocraft).
    About Yourself: I'm a heavy gamer, been playing video games my whole life, and the one thing I love about Direwolf's modpacks is that they always offer a new challenge, some new piece of wonder to unravel and comprehend. To be fair, the main reason I started looking up new DW20 servers is 'cuz there don't seem to be any solid Ultra Hard Survival servers, but that's okay. Sometimes, I like the peaceful atmosphere of an environment not bent on murdering all its inhabitants. Seriously, I'm glad I don't have to deal with all the yetis, and hungry baby zombies, and no health regen, and nagas... It gets a little tedious sometimes. DW20's a nice little break from the hardcore "Let's see how long it takes to die" mindset UHS incorporates into its players.
    How long have you played minecraft?: About a year? My wife got me started on Minecraft, and once I played my first SSP of DW20 1.6.4, I haven't been able to go back to vanilla since.
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: I've still got Mumble installed for my TF2Center Highlander practice rounds, so yeah. I mean, I prefer TeamSpeak, and have a solid server/community of people on there that I usually talk with, but I can use Mumble.
    Have you been banned before?: Nope. Got close once, though.
    If so why?: Someone announced that they captured a hydra with a safari net. I suggested (in jest, and in all caps) that they release it near spawn, that it would be "THE BEST IDEA EVER". The server owner was watching through the console, blew a gasket, and said, "You know how easy it would be for me to ban your ass right now?" Guess some people don't understand sarcasm. (Or maybe I just don't understand how impressionable some people are.)

    To be fair, had he released the hydra near spawn, I would've laughed my ass off. Then, I probably would have killed it. It still would have been marginally less annoying than a spawn filled with so much infrastructure and architecture that it brings your FPS down to nil. I mean, at least you could TRY to move in the former case.
  7. SG1csifan

    SG1csifan Active Member

    Welcome b0wchicab0w0w and LucidityMkIV Have fun
  8. coyote888

    coyote888 New Member

    Ingame Name:Coyote888
    Mod Experience:I have been playing modded minecraft for over 2 years.
    About Yourself:Im just a good ole country boy.
    How long have you played minecraft?:Over 2 years.
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble:Sometimes?
    Have you been banned before? No
  9. SG1csifan

    SG1csifan Active Member

    welcome Coyote888
  10. Nohbdy0

    Nohbdy0 New Member

    I wouldn't mind giving a server another shot, it has been a long time since I've done one.

    Ingame Name: Nohbdy0
    Mod Experience: I've used just about every major mod out before. I can do some pretty decent automation when I decide to put time into it. Botania is something I've started dabbling in recently. I used Ender IO exclusively to get to late game in my last SSP world.
    About Yourself: I live in Texas. I work full time. I have a 1 year old child. I also play Smash Bros, quite a bit.
    How long have you played Minecraft: I've been playing since 1.2.5.
    Mumble: Probably not, I may get on it to listen, but I don't have a decent headset. In the future maybe.
    Have you been banned: Nope. Never.
  11. minecraftguy65

    minecraftguy65 New Member

    You guys have some sort of land protection? lockable chests?
  12. TrueCarbonMC

    TrueCarbonMC New Member

    Ingame Name: TrueCarbonMC
    Mod Experience: Been playing for about a years, so i know the main mods that are around. I watch Direwolf20 daily and know about all the mods in the pack.
    About Yourself: I am a youtuber that likes to find things that interest people. I would love if people would learn from my channel but small channels dont get that many views. I always wont to help people if they need it!
    How long have you played minecraft?: Roughly 2 years.
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: If u ask i will.
    Have you been banned before?: No i have not.
    If so why?: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Nefroz

    Nefroz New Member

    Ingame Name: Nefroz
    Age: 26
    Mod Experience: been playing modded minecraft almost exclusively since original tekkit days.
    About Yourself:Started in 1.2.5, played on a few servers, joined up on a tekkit server with some friends, and began my forray into modded minecraft. I've since spent most of my time on UHC or Modded servers or SSP. As for Real Life, I'm a father of one, manager at a grocery store, and one of the biggest nerds ever. D&D, Books, Science, TCGS, and most importantly video games (from any era) if you name it I've likely had my hand in it if its remotely considered geeky or nerdy. I'm a nice guy, and generally get along with everyone.
    How long have you played minecraft?: since 1.2.4
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble:yes
    Have you been banned before?: Nope
    If so why?:N/A
  14. TrueCarbonMC

    TrueCarbonMC New Member

    would u like to do a series together?
  15. Nefroz

    Nefroz New Member

    atm no, im not settled into my house, and not ready to record quite yet
  16. SG1csifan

    SG1csifan Active Member

    Server is back up and accept people again, its about a month old now...
  17. jjmcm

    jjmcm New Member

    Ingame Name: jjmcm
    Age: 18
    Mod Experience: ive been playing with mod packs since beta 1.5
    About Yourself: i live in england and am a full time college student
    How long have you played minecraft?: early 2011
    Do you/ Will you use Mumble: yes
    Have you been banned before?: yes
    If so why?: i am unsure since this was way back when i had first started playing
  18. xBad_Ass

    xBad_Ass New Member

    Age: 22
    What is your knowledge about mods/ftb:very little, im new to pc minecraft mods as ive been playing xbox minecraft, so i would like to learn
    How often will you be online: 1 hour a day weekends more as i work loads :)
    Extra:i hope if there would be someone i could work with or get peoples advise if i dont understand.
    i would like to chat via skype or teamchat or typing :)
  19. Texaporta

    Texaporta New Member

    Hi SG.

    I'm from the past. Can I be white listed again please?

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