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Using /ob_inventory restore

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by scienceguy8, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. scienceguy8

    scienceguy8 Active Member

    Having a bit of a problem using this command (/ob_inventory restore) to restore my inventory after an unfortunate death. Mainly, every time I try to use it, I get a warning saying that I do not have permission to use that command. I've tried searching both this forum and the Internet at large, but the instructions for setting permissions to use commands are clear as mud. The world is an Infinity Evolved 2.2.2 world, survival, single player. Any suggestions or tutorials?
  2. scienceguy8

    scienceguy8 Active Member

    Never mind. If anyone else needs a little help with this, hit escape, then click Open to LAN. Set cheats to on, then open LAN. You can then use /ob_inventory restore to restore your inventory after a death. Syntax is /ob_inventory restore <player name> <name of inventory backup file>. Use the file that ends in "grave," as baubles are not returned if you use the file that ends in "death." You can use the tab key to cycle through all of the inventory backup files just by typing the command and your name, then pressing the tab key.
  3. Predatorkillol

    Predatorkillol New Member

    A large amount of commands available in both vanilla and modded minecraft require cheats to be enabled. This can be solved by on world creation selecting the enable cheats option, otherwise like you have found out you will have to open the game to lan and enable cheats there, sadly this only activates them for the session.
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  4. Zane_Eey

    Zane_Eey Guest

    i cant seem to figure it out on PE edition can anyone help?

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