Upgrade recommendations for an office desktop converted into modded Minecraft server hosting?


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello, so I just bought this small desktop from eBay because I wanted to play modded Minecraft and I wanted to host it on a server. I don't like paying for a server so I just invested on a personal one so that it is better in the long term. I installed Ubuntu Server and AMP for hosting the Minecraft server. The PC is a Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 Tiny and here is the specs that came from its eBay listing and a PDF that goes in-depth on its specs.

So I made an instance for the Minecraft server through AMP, however, the PC struggles to run the server. When I am not in the server, everything runs fine. However, when I enter the server, the CPU and Memory usage increase to the point that it reaches 4-5 GB of memory which is near the 6 GB allocated RAM that I have given to the instance. Furthermore, while playing in the server, it would give me tick lag errors in the server console. The Minecraft modpack that I am playing in this server is FTB University 1.16 and I installed the modpack through AMP's server configuration panel.

I am quite naive when it comes to upgrades from established desktops because of power wattage that is set for them and the frustration of buying parts that are not compatible with the system. It's not like building your own PC, there's actual limits for these types of PCs and I was wondering any recommendations for hosting a Minecraft (or any games) for this desktop?