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Updated mods?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Dragonfel, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    I was wondering how often the FTB launcher is scheduled to check for the latest version of mods. I noticed it's using out of date versions of many mods (Gregtech, thermal expansion, etc.).
  2. MCJinzha

    MCJinzha Member

    I think the developers of the modpack have to update the modpack manually ( aka. put in all updated version and check if everything still works) and then tell the launcher there's this newer version. I have no facts, but if that's the way it happens, I think the developers are waiting to update everything straight to 1.4.5 including redpower.
  3. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    That doesn't seam very efficient for a modpack that has "full support" of the mod developers. Couldn't they simply upload latest builds themselves to the FTB launcher for distribution? This would cut down on people reporting bugs that have already been fixed in newer versions of mods. Plus, having the job of manually double checking if FTB has the latest builds of all the included mods sounds like a tedious job for someone on the FTB team, and it'll only get worse as more mods are added.
  4. simon48xbox

    simon48xbox Active Member

    New builds of mods can have compatibility issues with other mods, so they should be tested with the other mods before being officially added to the pack.
  5. Bibble

    Bibble Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's kind of a compromise. An automated system (which is probably entirely possible) would be quicker, but any inherent comaptability/balance issues would not be spotted until the users reported them (not an ideal system with a release stream).
    The manual system is slower, but does mean that the issues are found and ironed out.

    The auto system would also cause issues with servers, as players would update frequently, but the update process for a server can be a bit of a pain.
  6. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    That's true, I wasn't thinking of server updating. Still, I wonder if they would consider opening up a separate mod pack in the launcher for testing latest releases (even if it was SSP only). It might make compatibility testing easier if more people had access to report bugs, and as an added bonus it would allow users to see what mods/versions are currently being tested.
  7. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Third Party Pack Admin Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    This is correct, seeing as I have spent many hours over the last weekend putting the mod pack together I can attest that there are bugs in compatibility.

    It does seem like we will wait for the mods to update to 1.4.5, but we are not going to be waiting on redpower. However, the update to 1.4.5 is very easy for mods, so I still expect a new pack out in the next few days.
  8. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    That's excellent news, thanks Watchful11. I don't suppose you can confirm what updates we'll see in the next version? Such as new gregtech machines, new twilight forest mobs, etc?
  9. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Third Party Pack Admin Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    No new mods, but all the ones that are in should be updated to the latest version.
  10. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    That's fantastic news! I've been itching to play with the new updates to gregtech. They've added like 10 new machines.
  11. Holy Knife

    Holy Knife New Member

    Dragonfel you're going to be sad.
  12. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    Why is that?
  13. thejoshknight

    thejoshknight Active Member

    Gregtech is disabled by default? Could be it.
  14. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    The entire mod is disabled, or the configs are set to not change any vanilla/IC2 features (macerator recipe/metal blocks)? I wouldn't be surprised if the configs where set to not be as intrusive, but removing the mod seams a bit extreme. I rather enjoy gregtech.
  15. scorch

    scorch New Member

    I second that, GregTech is an awesome mod that enhances the minecraft experience.
  16. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    Seriously. Lightning rods, fusion reactors, in-game nuclear reactor planner, more nuclear power options, massive EU storage without the need for tons of MFSU (10 diamond a pop), adjustable EU blocks, an intricate and interesting centrifuge/dust system, more things to do with UU matter, music making, enderchest style EU transportation, electric silk touch, and so much more...

    Who in their right mind could hate such awesome stuff?

    Understandably, people may not like the "hard mode" recipes... but you can easily configure those to be off by default.
  17. LazDude2012

    LazDude2012 Active Member

    Considering it's entirely composed of rejected IC2 suggestions you've got to think that there's a reason for the rejections. Things like the massive EU storage? What are you using the EU for that you wouldn't be fine with what you already have? Ender Chests for EU? They're caled Ender Chests and Lapotron Crystals. Try them out sometime. ;) UU Matter is a bit overrated.
  18. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    Why not have massive EU storage? my nuclear reactor outputs far more than my system can handle and wastes TONS of EU without it.

    Why would want to build a complicated machine to pump crystals out of an enderchest when one block can do it?

    Why would I want to remove options? This only serves to limit the possibilities of what I can do.
  19. Glowstrontium

    Glowstrontium Well-Known Member

    I have no objections to the mod being in the pack, but I, as do a lot of others feel that the configs should be set by default to not change any non-Gregtech recipies. That way, anyone who wants to use Gregtech items on for instance, servers, they can, but without affecting anyone who doesn't wish to use it, as like many other mods can be simply ignored by those who wish not to use it.
  20. Dragonfel

    Dragonfel Active Member

    Exactly, just set the default config so people can enjoy the new features without having to research why their macerator recipe isn't working.

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