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  1. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    This is a free game on Steam and it combination of DayZ and Minecraft.
    World is not blocky but everything other is!
    You should check it out its very cool! :)
  2. ChatFawkes

    ChatFawkes New Member

    This game looks pretty neat. Im subscribed to the subreddit and their are lots of cool community creations. My favorite is this portal gun: http://imgur.com/a/JkKOX
  3. AliceTheVixen

    AliceTheVixen New Member

    I've played plenty of unturned, but it got pretty dull fast. The zombies aren't hard to survive or avoid, and supplies aren't hard to gather. The only real danger I can surmise is player threats. I suppose playing with a group of friends who are terrified of death kind of eliminates that factor.

    I also feel like the maps aren't big enough for more than a handful of people. If you can manage an operating vehicle, you can traverse the biggest map (at the time I played) in 5 minutes. That bothers me. Especially when there's only one location and slow regen rates for some items, if any. For its size as well, I feel like any sort of conflict would demotivate a person to continue to play. If someone ransacks the larger towns, others will have to scrounge and hope they can find what they need in the wilderness, or mount a hopeful assault on the hoarder.

    Who knows? I see great potential, and I love it, but I also think some improvements are needed.
  4. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    Yeah zombies are not that hard, and when you get improve warrior skill you can one hit kill them with butcher knife.
    Only thing that i hate is crafting part.
    Its very hard and for simple chest you need to finish like 10 steps :/ .
  5. AliceTheVixen

    AliceTheVixen New Member

    Aye. There is a lack of balance in the game. The survival is not difficult in itself, but it seems that the recipes are similarly redundant as they are complicated. I remember finding myself crafting items that didn't even have use to make doors, walls, and ceilings.
  6. Wamp

    Wamp Guest

    I really like that game but there is something I really dont like. loot the local server, walk around like a boss in pvp servers (maybe we arent able to do that now but I'm not sure)

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