Unstable 1.10 - Extreme Server Lag

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Jul 29, 2019
Title Unstable 1.10 - Extreme Server Lag

Launcher Type Curse App

Modpack Unstable 1.10

Modpack version 4.2.7

Have you modified the pack? Yes

Details of the issue These are a list of the current changes I have made to the server: http://pastebin.com/ZSChqwqZ

I am testing disabling journeymap server side, and client side now. That is the newest test to fix it. The server lag happens mostly when another player goes out exploring. Pretty sure new chunks are being generated. As this world was started today.

Last instance of lag was a loss of several seconds of movement by both players.

We are located in Kansas. The server is located in Texas. I don't know its exact specs. It ran regrowth without issue. I rented a same tier server from the host last time and had little to no problems running infiinite. (it is a (private)skeleton tier Creeper Host server)

forgot I am using a customized world preset. going to have to edit that into the pastebin and do a test without that next.

I'm out of ideas. I think 1.10 packs just require more resources then the server has available to it. Actually they require almost more then my computer has available.
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