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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by Reiyano, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Reiyano

    Reiyano New Member

    Howdy All!

    After lurking for ages I decided I'd upload and share my version of a starter map for the Unleashed Pack. I've seen a few great ones but I personally find it more fun/challenging to start in a cave-type home rather than a nice house on a flat area. I left the furnishings and area pretty untouched and basic to prevent the urge to scavenge parts of the house for materials.... Not that I tend to do that or anything.... nope.... not at all....

    Any comments or suggestions on improvement are welcome. I know most people hate cave dwelling, but I know there must be a few other weirdos out there.

    Please Enable Biomes-o-Plenty for this map!
    (Otherwise I have no clue what it'll do but I doubt it'll be pretty.)

    Starting Area Features:

    - Oil (A small starter supply in the main room of the house, there doesn't seem to be any natural spawns nearby)
    - Water Mill power, BattBoxes, and basic Industrial Machines.
    - Tinkerers Construct stations and smeltery
    - Barrels
    - Enchanting Room
    - Personal rooms with Private Safes, beds and storage for up to 4 Players. (Designed for LAN play)
    - Mine with Spawner and Abandoned Mineshaft w/ Lava Lake access
    - Farm, Animal Pen, and bee-keeping area
    - Nearby a Large Village and an Orchard Biome

    Pictures: (Will add pictures from outside as soon as I can. I keep getting a upload errors for some reason.)




    And the download link:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/r9onw1czv5q26t4/Unleashed Cavedweller.zip
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  2. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Trying it out posthaste! Be prepared for a tsunami of constructive criticism!
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  3. TheAbstractHippo

    TheAbstractHippo Well-Known Member

    It looks cool! :)
  4. Reiyano

    Reiyano New Member

    Yay! I look forward to what you guys have to say about it.
  5. Yosomith

    Yosomith Well-Known Member

    Ok some of things I noticed:

    1: There seems to be 3 sheep but only one cow, intentional? Also there is only one pig

    2: I would suggest adding some vines to the bees area

    3: In the first two rooms there are double ups of one book in the shelves that need swapping (I'm assuming they are meant to be one player's area)

    4: I would add some other basic ores, like copper, tin and aluminium

    5: Some double ups for patterns in the pattern chest, I would just add one of everything.

    6: Personal Safes? is it linked to the first person to open it or the one who placed it? If it's the latter I'd get rid of them, if the former they are fine.

    7: I would have liked to have seen a nice well lit constructed tunnel down to the beginnings of a strip-mine (about layer 5-10)

    Other then this, it looks like not a bad starting point

    Also my OCD kicks in alot with random stuff on shelves and the disarray of the farms, but that's just me I think
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  6. Reiyano

    Reiyano New Member

    Thanks Yosomith!

    I made all the changes you suggested except for the strip mine... I have a bit of an aversion to them for some reason. However, I did extend the natural cave system mine I had and found a very large Mineshaft that goes to lava lake level. I'm hoping that will give the player more access to ore without having to dig around too much.

    Personal safes are linked to the first person to use them, not place them according to the wiki.

    I also fixed the farm... it was driving me crazy as well.
  7. Yosomith

    Yosomith Well-Known Member

    Well that's why I said I'd like to see, since for me, strip mining is how I start going, no mobs an such, well redownloading and having a look

    Edit: ok map looks good, just messed with the watermills for about 10 mins before I came to the conclusion that I just don't understand them but they are fine. I like the fact the tunnel goes past a mob spawner, that's a real nice start.
  8. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    I was seriously about to say all of this. -_-
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  9. Thunderz8olt

    Thunderz8olt Active Member

    I'm going to go ahead and give it a try :)

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