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Discussion in 'DrasticDemise' started by BaileyH, Oct 15, 2015.

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    Core Theme: Water replaces the entire surface of the overworld up to height cap. Players must fend off aggressive water mobs as well as hunger, thirst and oxygen. Early game resources must be obtained through a series of excavations to the bottom of the ocean for small amounts of food and dirt or sand for sifting. A large focus of survival will revolve around food types, food scarcity as well as enviromine survival penalties. Early game mob anger will come from the early trips to the bottom of the ocean. HQM pack.

    Progression: Early progression like many other hardcore packs will start from a form of ex nihilo resource gathering and slowly progress to primitive automation through a BuildCraft/Immersive Engineering tech tree.

    Motivation: I am aiming for a hardcore pack that appeals to the same player base that enjoys overly difficult packs with satisfying milestones and achievements.

    Continually developing ideals. Post your idea/critique below!
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    *makes dial tone noise for DD*

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    I like this concept very much.
    I have some ideas for this concept!
    • Use Galacticraft's oxygen system, it works amazing. The overworld would basically have the same settings as any other Galacticraft planet, so with no oxygen. Using the oxygen generators and sealer systems we would be able to live under water.
    • Replace air in caves with water as well. If the caves wouldn't be filled with water people would just live in the caves. Not really a challenge.
    • I do think this pack should have a focus around tech.
    • ComputerCraft <3
    • OpenComputers <3
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    Is this still a thing?
  5. BaileyH

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    All pack discussions in this forum section are developing ideas until they move to actual development.

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