Unable to create directory

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by wlawr, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. wlawr

    wlawr Guest

    Title Unable to create directory

    Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App

    Modpack Any but Pyramid Reborn of FTB

    Modpack version 2.1.1

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file

    Details of the issue I had the 'trying to play inherits from unknown versions' error and have redownloaded Forge and repaired minecraft on the twitch app. However now my error is that when trying to start the game I get an unable to access, or unable to create directory error.
    Unable to access file.
    URL: https://launchermeta.mojang.com/mc/assets/1.12/e75e9535754c6f2158b0b18b35660f45c4495d78/1.12.json
    Filename on disk: 1.12.json
    Path: C:/Users\willi\OneDrive\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Install\assets\indexes/1.12.json
    Exists: true
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  2. OmegaAssassin

    OmegaAssassin New Member

    Same problem except no mod pack works for me.
  3. wlawr

    wlawr Guest

    No none of the modpacks work at all. I’ve removed mcafee as well tp no avail and don’t have bytefence etc
  4. jikuja

    jikuja Launcher Dev Launcher Developer

    Try moving MC installation of from onedrive.
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  5. OmegaAssassin

    OmegaAssassin New Member

    Changing from onedrive seems to have fixed it, thanks.
  6. wlawr

    wlawr Guest

    This is going to be a dumb question but moving it from onedrive... redownload? Or cut paste type? Bit of a simpleton nowadays.
  7. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    Do the redownload - this will make sure to have folders created and the correct permissions set to files and folders.

    When everything works and you want to bring saves over from the old location, then do copy / paste - avoid cut / paste.

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