Unable to connect to LAN game

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    Unable to connect to LAN game
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    Sky Factory 2
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    I am unable to connect to a LAN game from my MacbookPro running SkyFactory2 via the AT Launcher. Other computers in the house can connect, but the Macbook Pro is unable. The log says "Unable to start LAN server detection: Can't assign requested address". Using the AT Launcher to run a "Vanilla Minecraft" instance, I don't get that error. I only have a single WiFi connection (and no other network connections). I can ping the other computers involved and see their file shares. I am connecting via the same router for all computers, and the IP Addresses are set via DHCP. All the addresses involved are in the same range ( As far as I can tell I have both IP4 and IP6 installed if that matters. My hosts file is roughly empty, but has an entry for localhost ( - I saw some people online saying a bad hosts file could cause an issue like this, but mine is what I would expect it to be.

    Since I am able to connect outside of the AT Launcher, and while using the AT Launcher, I can connect using a "Vanilla Minecraft" instance, I am inclined to believe that something in the SkyFactory2 is causing the issue. I have also tried reinstalling SkyFactory2, reinstalling the AT Launcher, and restarting my computer (not necessarily in that order).

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