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Open Server UltimaLegacyAS[BiomeFix][V3.0.1][Open][Chunkloaders100%][3Banneditems][SSD][24/7]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by karmarcharger, May 27, 2014.

  1. crazy

    crazy New Member

    CrazyInventor265[DOUBLEPOST=1401753506][/DOUBLEPOST]thats my In Game Name
  2. vaskallion

    vaskallion New Member

  3. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    New world with almost single biome per chunk!

    Islands got a MINOR facelift!(Added a small tree farm platform!)
    Player shops now available at /warp trade!
    Sell diamond blocks at /warp trade for ingame cash!
    Purchase creative builder wand at /warp trade!
    All existing islands will REMAIN, however you must /sethome at it instead, as using /island will create a new island and wipe inv!
    For players interested in moving to the new sexy island, store all your stuff in a chest, type /spawn, then type /island,
    you can then tp /home to bring your stuff over to the new glorious world!
    Server has a MUMBLE server now =)
    For all players who want to chat with others,
    you guys can connect to this via the Mumble program!

    /island usage has been DISABLED in the old world, to prevent players from "accidentally" wiping their inv ;)
    Moving to the new world is NOT required! You can still live in the old worlds!

    Last edited: Jun 4, 2014
  4. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Server is now v2.1.7

    (Combine the post if this is considered a double post, thx ftb moderators ;)
  5. Ultrawolf

    Ultrawolf New Member

    IGN: Ultrawolf76

    Awesome server. :D
  6. pretor

    pretor New Member

    IGN: pretorianin3
  7. Albin_Xavier

    Albin_Xavier New Member

    IGN: MarkTJ
  8. captproton17

    captproton17 New Member

    IGN : Captproton17

    great staff, and was helpful setting up my (New world island).
  9. Arcalindrath

    Arcalindrath New Member

    IGN: Arcalin

    Enjoying my stay so far :)
  10. BreakerFile

    BreakerFile New Member

    Loving the server, just started
    IGN: BreakerFile
  11. Centanoul

    Centanoul New Member

    ign: loki331
    Great server so far!
  12. Pastatastesnice

    Pastatastesnice New Member

    IGN- luca2849
  13. iSwifterBro

    iSwifterBro New Member

    Nice server!
    IGN: iSwifterBro
  14. joyetoo

    joyetoo New Member

    IGN : joyetoo
  15. karmarcharger

    karmarcharger New Member

    Player shop has been replaced with player market!
    This will ensure that the stuff player sells can NEVER be stolen/griefed!
    /market listings ---> opens list that shows what items are for sale
    /market mail ----> collect money u got from selling stuff/collect stuff u bought
    /market create (price) (amount) ----> Puts the item you are holding for sale on market!
  16. duhfunny

    duhfunny New Member

    I DuhFunny, have joined this server. Pretty non laggy
  17. Henryv38

    Henryv38 New Member

  18. Andyzam

    Andyzam New Member

  19. Hyulles

    Hyulles New Member

  20. Falladyn

    Falladyn New Member

    Very nice stable server with lots of people :)

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