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Whitelist Server UKZilla | Team Survival | Ars Magica, Chargepads, Balkan's Weapon Mod & Logistic Pipes

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by GunnerWolf, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. lavastage

    lavastage New Member

    i knew something like this would happen, whenever i get something good, it is just taken away

    will you be on teamspeak every now and then? or is that dead too?
  2. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor New Member

    I will but if any of you guys want to add me on skype it is nelkins01 just msg me your username so I know who it is
  3. GunnerWolf

    GunnerWolf New Member

    Yeah teamspeak is dead too because it isn't technically our teamspeak. The owner asked us to leave. Besides most of us are on the vanilla creative server now.
  4. TheDoctor

    TheDoctor New Member

    I'm not P: I gots the Ban hammer
  5. ztQ

    ztQ New Member

    In Game Name: ztQ
    Age: 16
    Country: UK
    Why you want to join the server: I would like to play with nice and mature people.
    Have you read the rules: Yes
    Why should we whitelist you: I am friendly, mature and helpful.
    Can you be trusted to play properly and maturely: Yes

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