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Twilight Forest

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by MCJinzha, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. MCJinzha

    MCJinzha Member

    I noticed there was a mod in FTB called "Twilight Forest". I had never heard of it, so I looked it up and found out how to make a portal. I went to my test world and made a portal. I looked around in the twilight world, read some more about the mod in the forum thread about it, but still I have no idea, so I'll ask you guys here:

    1. Do you have a Twilight world in your survival world?
    2. Do I want one? Any purpose for it?
    3. Are they dangerous?
    4. Are they fun?

    (yes, I am aware I could go watch Dire's Mod Spotlight, I'll probably do that soon, but I prefer asking the forums.)

    And just general Twilight Forest discussion can go here too.
  2. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    From what I can tell, it's just a place to explore and adventure in, gain some unique loot/items, and head back home.
  3. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time


    New tree/wood types, some 'unique' resources and equipment, including a very badass pick and battle axe.
    Also some very ore rich areas, and decorational stones. (its also kinda pretty)

    Arent all worlds? (avoid those ever so tempting underground ruins if you lack decent armour and weapons)

    No it's really boring.
  4. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    1: Yes, I do have a Twilight Portal and have been in it.
    2: That's up to you, and depends on what you want to do in the game. Some people prefer the look of it, others enjoy the adventure aspects ( it has multiple bosses for example ), others yet like to exploit it for resources.
    3: It can be. You're usually relatively safe on the surface, but special locations can have quite a few mobs, and there are multiple powerful bosses around.
    4: Again, up to you:)
  5. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks Popular Member

    I can sum twilight forest up in two words:

    Uncrafting table.
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  6. alfblack

    alfblack Active Member

    1. Do you have a Twilight world in your survival world?

    2. Do I want one? Any purpose for it?
    see answers above. and...
    I like collecting the bugs. I wish I could capture the unique animals there. Hmm.. maybe I could corral them. <squirrel!>

    3. Are they dangerous?
    Lots of mobs (in underground/Caves). Some mini-boss and boss monsters. I guess so

    4. Are they fun?
    I love it.
  7. madaffacca

    madaffacca Well-Known Member

    1. Yup, to be honest, I created the portal just because I was a bit bored, but I've spent several hours playing in the Forest and it's really awesome
    2. Yes, definitely, rich areas useful if you, like me, are struggling to find diamonds or if you just want to meet some badass mobs.
    3. Maybe I'm a noob, I've died one or two times in the overworld, 12 in the Forest. Rich areas (and I mean very dense ores) are filled with mob spawners, involving endermen and creepers, full of those ugly blue goblins, enormous hydras covering you in fire around the corner any many other wonderful features.
    4. It IS fun, but to me is a bit unbalanced: in an early phase of the game, you're not equipped enough to survive in the tough areas (castles, dense ores areas, hydras...). When you get what it needs to kick those boss' asses, their drop are not that useful.
  8. TheSphero

    TheSphero New Member

    1. Yeah, generally one of my first things to make after making a little hole in the ground where my house of awesomeness will be built.

    2. Yes, you can get a bunch of unique materials for building cool looking structures, it has a good adventure-y feel. Mining, mob hunting, and treasure hunting is all very profitable. Plus all the unique passive creatures and gear are interesting.

    3. Yes, it is very dangerous, a little more then the nether on hard mode I think. Not somewhere to go without armor, a few swords, and some good bow skills. It is an excellent example of risk vs reward.

    4. Depends a bit on the person, if you like to sit in a cave making contraptions, it might not be the place for you. If you like the adventure, the treasure, the almost refreshing reboot of the same old minecraft dungeoneering, then you should adore it.

    I will add on to what Madaffacca said about it being unbalanced, in that it really depends on the gear you already had before you go in. Iron armor is usually perfect for the challenge vs upgrading through rewards, but I've done general adventuring in leather armor before I found FTB. As I said before, definitely a place where the bow shines. I don't recommend attempting any of the major bosses until you've gotten a fair amount of treasure from mazes, hollow hills and such, Charms of Life in particular are very handy. Even if you don't care for boss fights, the Ore Magnet found in hollow hills chests is really cool. I lost an age after spawning one and using it in a dense ores mystcraft age to see what would happen though, so I don't suggest doing that.
  9. madaffacca

    madaffacca Well-Known Member

    While we're here, I hope you don't mind if I ask a couple of question about the small structures, since I've found a lot ot them and I don't know if I missed some precious chest hidden around. If someone knows something I would really appreciate some help ;)
    Obsidian pillar: are there any hidden bonus apart from the lapis block on top of them?
    Smal mossy stonehenge: same question, some chest hiding somewhere below those mossy pillars?
    Skeleton farmers: same question again, anything interesting hanging around their houses?
    Wells: sorry If it's getting boring, but same question again :p
  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    There is something hidden at the bottom of wells, I'll let you find out what :p
  11. MCJinzha

    MCJinzha Member

    Thanks for all the answers :D. I'm going to go in with some bronze armour and my infinity power III bow, cause it's awesome!

    What do I do with Fireflies? I know I can put them in jars, but they seem a little useless other than that.
  12. darR3Ke

    darR3Ke Active Member

    useless ??? i love them, they are a great extra moody lightsource :D
  13. alfblack

    alfblack Active Member

    I did not know you can put them into jars. I put them into my disco room. Beside my lava sauna. hehehe
  14. MrAgle

    MrAgle New Member

    You can also collect steeleaves and liveroot - which you can craft into ironwood. Both of those items will allow you to make equipment and armor that has built-in enchantments.

    The fireflies can be placed by themselves - no need for jars. In fact, I've found the firefly jar textures to be... odd. They look very wooden. Still, they work nicely as recessed light sources in hallway ceilings.

    The Twilight Forest mobs can, like other mobs, be sent through Mystcraft portals. Stock your underwater park with deer, or raise bighorns for wool! For that matter, one hollow hill can give you as much as a dozen spawners. which you can move with a Portal gun. Excellent for making an overworld mob spawner!

    The decorative maze blocks are great for fancy architecture, and one wizard tower can be harvested for up to six stacks of books! A great resource for Mystcraft exploration!
  15. MCJinzha

    MCJinzha Member

    I have yet to find a hollow hill or a wizard tower, but I found melon seeds in a maze :D!

    Someone asked about the wells, in my experience I've found that 2 of the 5 wells I went down in had a chest at the bottom. I just used signs to create some breathing spaces every now and then.
  16. alfblack

    alfblack Active Member

    RE: Well.
    Really now, I always lucked out. Time to dive in. Oh Scuba helmet is in the pack.

    Also, need to practice that portal gun.

    Killing a raven. making magic map = easier way to find boss mobs in TF
  17. Vovk

    Vovk Active Member

    Maze Focus -> Maze Map -> Ore Map

    See through walls within a vertical slice of 3 blocks, map shows quite a few chunks distance all at once, sees through walls at around 10-16 radius. Twilight forest has made precision ore mining a thing.
  18. Vovk

    Vovk Active Member

    kill a raven, turn its feather + paper into a magic map. use the magic map in the forest to show biomes in a large range complete with markers of where the hills, mazes and bosses are. The maze map foci are in underground mazes and are probably exceedingly rare in hedge mazes. The underground ones are grey on the map, the hedges are green.
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  19. I'm thinking about starting to explore this place once I have a quarry set up in my world. If I make a portal room in the over world and close it in, then make a portal to the Twilight Forrest, will it work? Do I need to have an open spot to the sky for it to function correctly? am I able to move the portals like in the nether if it spawns at an bothersome spot?
  20. Awesome, thanks. I doubt I'll go that far down, but I prefer to have all my portals located in a central location.

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