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Open Server TubeCraft: Youtube | Direwolf20 1.7.10 1.2.1

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by MCAdventureCity, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. arkwolf1995

    arkwolf1995 New Member

    I will, whats its ip?
  2. badboybrewer

    badboybrewer New Member

    Will you record a Youtube series?with some one
    If so, how often?when ever
    Will you play on both servers? ????
  3. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    So far only playing the modded server and no one else is ever on
  4. arkwolf1995

    arkwolf1995 New Member

    What time do u normaly get on?
  5. Acredium

    Acredium New Member

    Name: Rick
    Age: 31
    IGN: Acredium
    Skype: [email protected]
    Will you record a Youtube series? No
    If so, how often? N/A
    Will you play on both servers? The modded server has my preference.

    I'm looking for a nice whitelist server to team up with people. And the "Let's build a spawn" idea caught my attention :)
  6. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    All four of you have been added! IP is
  7. Korsovan

    Korsovan New Member

    Name: Chris
    Age: 31
    IGN: Korsovan
    Skype: christopher.george.willis
    Will you record a Youtube series? I have the ability and would love to, have to replace my mobo, video card, and get a new hardrive before I can do it regularly
    If so, how often? Time will tell
    Will you play on both servers? If my presence is wanted on both, then both shall see some face time with me
  8. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    Bumping this to get more people on the modded server
  9. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    Robet24 likes this.
  10. Robet24

    Robet24 New Member

    This is a server where monsters are the way they should be, no easy mode tp'ing around and so far an extremely small community. If you just wanna play the game the way its supposed to be played, this is the right server for you.
  11. iTzJimmEH

    iTzJimmEH New Member

    Name: Jimmy
    Age: 22
    IGN: iTzJimmEH
    Will you record a Youtube series? I will be live-streaming on twitch.tv and will be turned into a series on youtube later.
    If so, how often? I will be planning to play for about a month for perhaps 4 hours a day and picking out the good parts for the youtube service.
    Will you play on both servers? I could play on both but I am looking to do my series on the FTB server more.
  12. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    Name: Brian
    Age: 16
    IGN: streetgost
    Skype: itsabrian TS3: Availble
    Will you record a Youtube series? No
    Probaly just Dw20
  13. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    Korsovan, iTzJimmEH, streetgost, and BasedLegend, you have all been added! Ip is
  14. Wheeler12

    Wheeler12 New Member

    Name: Radovan
    In Game Name: Wheeler6
    Age: 21
    Skype: I will pm you if you accept me. (don't want to share skype here)
    Will you record a Youtube series? Probably not.
    If so, how often? ---
    Will you play on both servers? Nope. Only DW20.
  15. IComboyou

    IComboyou New Member

    Name: Cody
    Age: 16
    IGN: IComboYou
    Skype: if i get in i can msg you it.
    Will you record a Youtube series? i can
    If so, how often? whenever im on.
    Will you play on both servers? sure
  16. kpdoney1

    kpdoney1 New Member

    Name: Kyle
    Age: 17
    IGN: kpdoney1
    Skype: kpdoney1
    Will you record a Youtube series? Possibly
    If so, how often? Idk
    Will you play on both servers? Depends on my mood...(sry can't really promise anything more xD)
  17. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    To make room for new members, we have reset the map.
  18. strane111

    strane111 Active Member

    Name: Josh
    Age: 17, almost 18
    IGN: strane111
    Skype: strane111
    Will you record a Youtube series? Maybe, I have a few videos on my channel and I have been thinking about starting up recording again.
    If so, how often? Probably daily
    Will you play on both servers? Maybe, I haven't played vanilla mc in a long time. Im more of a mod kinda dude.
  19. badboybrewer

    badboybrewer New Member

    all that work gone??
  20. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I had to do it because of the lag

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