Trying to Find Old Modpack I Simply Can't Remember the Name of

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KeloDelta, May 16, 2019.

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    Hey! I've been searching for this mod-pack for weeks now and I literally cannot remember it for the life of me, but I can describe it the best I can and maybe just maybe somebody will be able to recognize it. It was a mod-pack about the universe is going to collapse and you were on this large spaceship which had a timer at the bottom floor that basically counted down how long you had until the universe collapsed, you had to follow specific quests that started out easy (if I recall two beginner ones was plating a cherry tree and getting chiseled dirt) and got extremely complex and hard later. It was in hardcore mode and it want a pack you could just download off the launcher, you had to use a specific code which they posted onto the forums with the mod-pack. There were a TON of tutorials on the mod-pack and i simply cant remember what it was called if anyone knows what I'm talking about you will be my SAVIOR.

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