Trials of Murder [SIGNUP THREAD]


Aug 22, 2014
A place
The sun rose that day over the world. And in a small town, the citizens woke up that morning.

Pyure walked out the door and gasped. The dead body of Nobody lay outside his door. There's been a murder. On the body was a note. YOU WILL ALL BE KILLED. WE DO NOT FORGET.

Find the murderers quickly, or you'll be lying with Nobody. It always seems to happen in this town, there was a long history of trials. Welcome to Salem.

Sign up:
Nobody (DEAD)
1. erindalc
2. the_j485
3. Lethosos
4. fowltief
5. goreae
6. sgbros1
7. Vikestep
8. Fraction2
9. frederikam
10. Shazam08
11. Pyure
12. Someone Else 37
13. RealKC
14. Lenscas
15. RJS
16. SoraZodia
18. dragon_fang101
19. SpwnX
20. Eruantien
21. 016nojr
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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
Woo, I'm in the main description! AND its strongly implied that I'm totally innocent. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THIS sgbros, nojr, realkc, the_j,....christ, the "murder pyure d1" list is getting longer than the "just wants to play and have fun" list :\

Oh also, um, IN.
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