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Whitelist Server Transferred | Infinity | 1.3.4 | Mature | Friendly | PVP/PVE |

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by TheGrove, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. TheGrove

    TheGrove New Member

    Whitelist Enabled
  2. MCAdventureCity

    MCAdventureCity Well-Known Member

    In Game Name: MCAdventureCity
    Skype Name: jason.reichel1
    Age: 13
    Mature?: Yes, 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.
    Why Should you be accepted?: I should be accepted because I am great with most mods in FTB so I can help people who are new. I also have a great sense of humor.
  3. Alykova

    Alykova New Member

    In Game Name: Alykova
    Skype Name: Spirelol
    Age: 21
    Mature?: Yes
    Why Should you be accepted?: I am a long time to find the server and I hope I will stop you on the server, as you have a good iron server and I hope that friendly players.)
  4. pakos2835

    pakos2835 New Member

    In Game Name: zephyr14z
    Skype Name: pakos2835
    Age: 31
    Mature?: yes
    Why Should you be accepted?: because i want play on good, mature server with EXPERIENCED admins and without lags and other ETERNAL problems
  5. TheGrove

    TheGrove New Member

    Accepted, But due to your age, any sign of Immaturity will result in being unwhitelisted

    Whitelisted, Can't wait to see you In Game, Hope you have an Amazing Time!

    Accepted, Need any help? Contact any of us! Cant wait to see you In Game, Have an Amazing Time!
  6. Identif3r

    Identif3r New Member

    n Game Name: Citronas
    Skype Name: blablabla7262
    Age: 23
    Mature?: Yes
    Why Should you be accepted?: I've been looking for that kind of server, and here it is
  7. MrSwampy

    MrSwampy New Member

    In Game Name : MasterSwampy
    Skype Name : Swampcaster
    Age :16
    Mature? : Yes
    Why Should I Be Accepted? : I've got lots of FTB experience, I talk a lot, and I have lots of spare time to spend on the server to make some cool things! :D
  8. TheGrove

    TheGrove New Member

    Accepted, Heard your a friend of Caesura_'s :3
  9. TheGrove

    TheGrove New Member

    Unactive People UnWhitelisted:
    Excellius (Never Joined) Unactive
    Alykova (Never Joined) Unactive
    Intelzzz (Never Joined) Unactive
    Harmy7 (Joined) Unactive
    Cpfuzzyz (Never Joined) Unactive
    jc_76 (Joined) Unactive
    Yogsog (Never Joined) Unactive
    imaqtpie (Never Joined) Unactive
    Kazooie2424 (Never Joined) Unactive
    Glaciem_Draco (Never Joined) Unactive
    TheHawkeye (Never Joined) Unactive
    datucha32 (Joined) Unactive
    Aschi3 (Joined) Unactive
    Zephyr14z (Never Joined) Unactive
    KG_InfiniteChaos (Joined) Unactive
    ShanyBoy (Never Joined) Unactive
    FallenOne (Never Joined) Unactive
    Dh1ll0n (Never Joined) Unactive
  10. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    In Game Name: Aucier
    Skype Name: I don't use skype but can use email or Teamspeak
    Age: 29
    Mature?: Yep
    Why Should you be accepted?: I need a server and know how to play
  11. TheGrove

    TheGrove New Member

    If you Improve your Why Should you be accepted section you will be accepted.
  12. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    Why Should you be accepted?: I use to run a server and now want to unleash myself from it and Looking for a good home. I enjoy playing FTB and know alot when it comes to helping out.
  13. Lildragslayr

    Lildragslayr New Member

    In Game Name: Habeus_Corpus
    Skype Name: Lildragslayr-Rocks (!remindme 3 days, make new account, name is stupid.)
    Age: 17
    Mature?: I would say so, but then again i'm 17 so i'm looking through the lens of a 17 year old.
    Why Should you be accepted?: Because i can contribute to the server in ways others may not be able to, as i have experience in administration and co-running servers (including FTB) in the past 4 years.
  14. Lesha552

    Lesha552 New Member

    In Game Name: AliLesha
    Skype Name: lesha5521
    Age: 14
    Mature?: Mature enough.
    Why Should you be accepted?: I just love playing modded MC with people.

    Side Note: I cannot play alone, even on a server. I have to be with someone to do something.
  15. adamantris

    adamantris New Member

    In Game Name: SpiderpanLP
    Skype Name: I rather tend not using skype, but if it is REALLY needed, i can provide that
    Age: 15
    Mature?: Yes,
    Why Should you be accepted?: I am searching for a good server with a nice community. I dont like big open servers with tons of bukkit addons. And i dont like to play alone! :D
  16. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    In Game Name: TehKnight117
    Skype Name: shamil1187
    Age: 16
    Mature?: Yes
    Why Should you be accepted?: Been looking for an active server that has a friendly and mature community.
  17. fool

    fool New Member

    Grove, fix your server!
  18. mossabt

    mossabt New Member

    In Game Name:mossabt
    Skype Name:Mossaab abtouche but im not always on skype
    Mature?: Of Course
    Why Should you be accepted?:because i just want to play with a nice community
  19. Eternldragon

    Eternldragon New Member

    In Game Name: Eternldragon
    Skype Name: eternldragon
    Age: 33
    Mature?: Yes I am.
    Why Should you be accepted?: I've been playing F.T.B. since 1.4.7 Ultimate pack. If I'm added I'll participate in Skype. I enjoy playing with a community and consider myself an approachable person.
  20. Oscaro947

    Oscaro947 New Member

    In Game Name: Oscaro947
    Skype Name: oscar.0497
    Age: 18
    Mature?: I would say so
    Why Should you be accepted?: While I may not always be online due to school, I am a nice guy whom likes to do technological automation. I have no issues helping other, if so is requested. Plus, I am looking for a decent community to join after a long absence without aggravating amounts of lag.

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