Track contribution Draconic Energy Core

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Jul 29, 2019
I'm currently running a SkyFactory 3 server with some friends of mine and we got the idea of a challenge to fill a Tier 8 Draconic Energy Core.
We're all working on filling one Tier 8 core but we want to track how much everyone is contributing. (So we can brag about it of course).

The problem is I can't find a way to track how much each player is contributing (RF/t). I've tried different mods included in the pack but it seems no mod is capable of doing this (Even OpenComputers) or can't handle enough throughput (EnderIO Monitor + max tier energy conduit is only 20kRF/t).

If someone can help me with this challenge (using mods in SkyFactory 3 or by adding a server mod) that would be very helpful.


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Aug 14, 2013
Waterloo, Ontario
Would it be completely lame if you guys simply filled separate cores? You could even do Tier 6 or 7 cores each and periodically dump them into 8 at a given time while tracking (manually) how much each person was going to contribute.


This isn't really what you're looking for, but perhaps you can use the transfer rate stats on the energy crystal network to get a per-person fill rate?

Something like this might work: have a relay crystal next to the energy pylon and feed the pylon from the relay via an output crystal. Then have each person send energy via seperate energy lasers to the relay crystal. You can read the rf/t rate on the sending side in the gui. Right click the sending crystal and see the output rate.

It's not the same as a total RF contribution, but you can at least look and see *right now* who's doing what for bragging rights.

Caveat: SimpleGenerators and Draconic Evolution don't play nicely together in skyfactory 3.08. You will need to update Draconic Evolution (and BrandonCore) to the current version to have it interact with Forge Energy properly.

Flux networks seems to tell you transfer rates sometimes but I could never figure out it's mood due to lack of (or no) documentation. If you fed the pylons via separate Flux networks you might be able to get a similar RF/t number for each player. But, IMHO, lasers are cooler. :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Not having a solution but a rough idea.

Flux networks uses Channels. You could create a dedicated Chennel for each person and before you put it into the main storage you could put it through a other block.
I´m sure that there is some energy Storage that gives you information about how many energy went through it.

Else you could try with ComputerCraft or what ever mod is in SF3 and just build it up your onw and even put a screen that gives this information.

Will take some time to setup, but sounds like a nice project.

I´m thinking about something similar for a Power Controll Room that I wan´t to build in my current World