[Tool] Borderless Windowed v1.1 - a better "Fullscreen"


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Mar 24, 2013
Heya or o/ my lovely gamers!
This is Yet Another Borderless window Tool (but there aren't many anyway)

I know you're short on time (just because we're on the internets) so, here's a

mode: +HAYO

1) This program could do ANYTHING you want, if it hadn't its own feelings. So you're limited to removing windows' borders and resizing the window to the WHOLE monitor:

Yes, it is (a banana) 1920x1080 but not in that crappy Fullscreen (F11) mode!

What's so good about it you ask? Now you can go true multi-tasking by playing minecraft and watching pr... ahem... Let's plays at the same time! Or chat with someone (if you weren't forever alone)

With that tool you can Alt+Tab aka switch between games and different windows in no time! The game won't even crash! (blame the devs otherwise)

You can also play on different displays with your rig:

Yo dawg, I heard you like Minecraft:

What's that? You don't like Minecraft that much? Ok, going full Gamer mode:

Yea, OK, if DotA-alike games are nothing for you, I got something you might actually love:

So what's the catch? There ain't one; I was too lazy to implement it! Cuz I don't get any $$$ from NSA for leaving backdoors, unlike Microsoft. Anyway, who cares? HAYO!

You get all these features for... how much did you guess? $500? $1000? Even more? NO! It's just $0.00!!!!11 HAYO OPEN SOURCE! quote

Ok, let's become serious about this stuff.

It is Windows only, Download in the attachments

Hotkeys for version 1.1:
All the stuff here applies to the currently selected (active) windows:
  • Toggle borderless mode: Windows key + CTRL + Arrow UP (and move the window to the display your mouse is currently on)
  • Minimize: Windows key + CTRL + ARROW DOWN
  • Move a window to a different display: Windows key + CTRL + Arrow LEFT or RIGHT
  • Fullscreen-sized borderless windows
  • Supports any game*/window
  • Support of multiple displays
  • Move a window across displays
* 1) it's not working with is Dungeon Defenders (blaming the devs, the window resets back to normal instantly)
2) e.g. League of Legends has it's own borderless mode in video settings. Use it.

More information on borderless mode: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Borderless_fullscreen_windowed

To-Do list:
  1. Fix moving big windows between different displays
  2. [Low priority] Improve toggling borderless windows back to normal
  3. Not sure: Add a GUI and features to customize position/size of windows

Note: I kinda expect to have forgotten something, but I want to say that I made it for myself and I would only continue working on that if there will be people interested in it (Steam forums are a better place to try, but I wrote this tool because of Minecraft)

It's written in AutoIt and fits my needs/goals very well:
[✓] Not long (<150 lines atm)
[✓] Poorly
[✓] Someone's code snippets used (MultiMon.au3 by xrxca)
[✓] I had no idea what I was coding [reference]

[?] Have you heard of borderless windows before / do you use it already? Answer below ;)


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Jul 29, 2019
It's OK, but it causes flickering in some other non fullscreen windows, especially Chrome ones. I also found that the shortcut for toggling it didn't work sometimes, and required me to reboot the program in order to fullscreen another window. Pretty nice utility though, even if it has a few bugs.


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Mar 24, 2013
@EnzymeA113 Thank you for feedback. I'm aware that this method causes some OpenGL windows to flicker and sadly, I can't do anything against it (Windows' bug probably). Toggle shortcut didn't work for you? Well that's strange, never had problems with that.


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Jul 29, 2019
What the hell for me it keeps changing into a red X and turning back saying its paused