Open Tinker's Shortbow Experience Broken



Summary of the problem Tinker's Shortbow Experience Broken

Pack Version 1.0.1

What is the bug? I have a Tinker's Manyullyn shortbow that never gains experience. I have gained 3 levels on my arrows so far but still at 0/500 and Clumsy on the bow. I am assuming because it has experience listed that it is supposed to gain experience over time but no worky.

Mod & Version FTB Beyond 1.01

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? I haven't made another bow/longbow/crossbow or tested on any other materials yet.

Known Fix


I haven't checked on the Shortbow, but melee attacks with the Crossbow seem to be the only thing that gives it experience. Shooting bolts gives the bolts xp, and bludgeoning zombies with the bow gives the bow xp. Yes, really.

I'm not defending this model, only reporting it.