Open Tinkers' Construct's Magma Slime Islands Don't Spawn


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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Tinkers' Construct's Magma Slime Islands Don't Spawn

Pack Version 1.5.3

What is the bug? Tinkers' Construct has magma slime islands that typically spawn in the Nether, however I have searched for hours to find one to no avail.

Mod & Version Tinkers' Construct

Link to log file N/A

Is it repeatable? Yes, I have created a few worlds and played on a few servers and have not found a single magma island in the Nether.

Known Fix I have done research and have found out that this bug is most likely caused by Natura or Biomes o' Plenty
According to that github link there is a way to fix by disabling Natura's override on the Nether via configs.


I tryed disabling Naturas overide on nether it didnt work for me which makes me think could be BOP related since they added back in the nether biomes on 1.11.2. But truly am not sure on this. It actually doesnt bother me to much anymore since really all i use from tinkers mostly is lumber axe and a fully lvled tinker sword with beheading maxed on it.