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    Greetings folks, I'm just opening up a quick dialogue about the newer versions of Tinkers Construct so I can learn more about the mod.

    A lot has changed. It used to be the focus was primarily on modifiers: you always added paper, and then you always added a bunch of redstone, either silk or lapis, and either moss or a flux capacitor. And then you added a bunch more modifiers and added more of the above.

    You ended up with a narrow selection of good tools. I'm not even talking about obvious things like Signalum Crossbows and the like. Everyone did some variation of the same hammer: cobalt head, slime handle, or some such (I'm not a min-maxer so I don't know the specifics)

    The newer version has changed this drastically: the focus has swerved considerably back towards the materials themselves rather than modifiers. You get three modifiers (+1 for paper parts) and that's it. And this is where my teaching ends and my education is hopefully going to start.

    Some things I've observed:
    * I can't find a way to (expeditiously) repair a tool in Unstable w/o using resources. May vary in other packs. But there's no "repair" modifier.
    * Related to above: you can have wooden parts. They have the Ecological trait. If they're part of the tool head, they do not have the Splinters trait (a negative trait that I presume does damage to you probable correction: damaging debuff on enemy. Thx GwnG.)
    * Wooden parts repair durability slooooowly. And possibly only while the tool is in your inventory (tested but not 100% confirmed, only left it for a minute or so)
    * You can repair your tools with resources, but you seem to get a reducing durability fix each time you do so (pretty much confirmed)
    * Addendum to above: When repairing a tool, you can use a material represented by any part of the hammer "head". The materials book actually cycles through icons representing all the valid tool parts. For a hammer, a head is the hammer part AND the two plates. So: if you make a Cobalt/Ardite/Wood hammer like I did, you can repair the hammer with Wood.
    * There's a Petrolus (sp?) trait that supposedly repairs the tool when it "eats" stone, but I couldn't see it working (wait...can I repair this tool with stone in a toolforge maybe? not tried No you cannot.)
    * Unrelated to repairing, if you try to use a Width modifier, you definitely want some sort of Magnet item on your person (or maybe include an Iron part in your tool, which imparts a tiny Magnetism trait itself)

    I like this change of direction for the mod. I feel its going to annoy a lot of people, but I think it generates more difficult (and interesting) decisions. That said, I also feel like I may be missing some important things.

    Any thoughts on the mod, or suggestions on how to get more out of my tools? (Particularly my mining tools)

    List of Material Traits with a bit more info (link provided by GamerwithnoGame): https://www.dropbox.com/s/slfdf1m716crjqa/Tinkers Construct 2.0.1 Material Traits.xlsx?dl=0
    Info from link in case the dropbox resource vanishes:
    This is a simple table of the new material traits in Tinkers Construct. I suppose this could count as spoilers, there is also a more cryptic in-game description of these
    Note that all this information is from the developers GitHub page, I am simply rewriting the information for other people, all credit goes to the devs
    Link to GitHub: https://github.com/SlimeKnights/TinkersConstruct
    Some of these effects are quite complex, especially those based off the new stat pool system. These are simpler descriptions for average players. See code for more details
    This is my reading of the code, it may not be perfectly accurate, and is subject to change as the version of Tinkers Construct changes
    When I say increases speed or damage, this is in code values, not nessarily in-game values. ie: increasing damage by 6/3 does not nessarily mean 1 more heart of damage
    Traits Effect
    Aquadynamic When used underwater, breaks at normal speed (as on land). When raining, increases speed based on level of rain
    Aridiculous Increases mining speed based on biome temperature-rainfall
    Cheap 10% bonus durability when repairing
    Crude 10% bonus damage to armored enemies
    Duritos 50% chance to do nothing, 10% chance to use 2x durability, 40% chance to use no durability. Average 70% durability use, same as old reinforced 3
    Ecological 1/100 chance of restoring 1 durability per second. When mining or hitting things, 1/100 of getting a splinter, dealing armor-piercing damage
    Insatiable Invisible levels of "Insatiable". When using tool, adds one level, and sets timer to 15 secs. Increases speed/damage by level/3. Level maxes at 10
    Magnetic When using tool, pulls in items from aprox 2 blocks radius
    Momentum If you use your tool continously, it will boost its effectivness every second, by up to 40%
    Petramor When breaking stone-type blocks, 1/10 chance to restore 5 durability
    Prickly deals .5+([random Gaussian mean 0 standerd devation 1] /2) damage. Is delt to enemie when hitting, player when mining. damage pierces armor and is absolute
    Slimy 1/300 chance to spawn slime when using tool
    Splintering After hitting enemy, applies potion effect splintering to enemy, one level at a time, up to 5. When hitting enemy, adds .3*(level of effect+1) to hit
    Squeaky Adds silk touch, tool never does damage. Sometimes plays squeak sound
    Stonebound Mines faster and does less damage as tool durability goes down.
    Tasty If your food bar is less than half, and you have more than 3 bars, you have a 1/500 chance of eating your tool. If you are less than 3 bars, the chance increases as
    your food and saturation decreases.You can only eat your tool when holding it, and the chance happens once per tick. Eating your tool costs 100 durability, and
    restores 1 bar of hunger. Also plays a nom sound. When breaking block, 1/200 chance to get bacon. When killing a mob you have hit, 1/20 chance to get bacon
    Unnatural 36% speed bonus per harvest level above material you are breaking
    Alien See below
    This is where it gets more complicated. The new tconstruct as a "stat pool" system, where each tool has invisible pools of stat points.
    There are two pools, the unapplied and applied. Points from the unapplied pool are distributed randomly with equal chances into durability, speed, and attack. This happens
    randomly, on ave
    enemies to gain
    This point system is like Iguana Tweaks's xp system, it rewards you for consistenly using the same tool
    Alien Gives the tool bonus stats upon crafting it. Gives 1000 stat pool points (but into a seperate pool) at crafting. The stats given are determined on crafting
    Every 3.6 secs (1000 in 1hr), applies points randomly into durability, speed, or attack
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    Hi @Pyure - just a quick one: if the table linked in this is correct, Splintering has a change to inflict a status effect on an enemy - I like that :D
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    Good info. I've updated the OP accordingly, thanks.
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    Well, DW20's spotlight is pretty good for detailing some of the changes, and there is extra info in the comments, lol.
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    Have you watched it? Is there anything in particular you can think to add?

    (I should be able to watch it in 10 hours or so and come up with my own thoughts if you cannot)
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    I watched it when was released
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    Hey, I think I can involve here.
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    Nice find for me last night. A tool can be repaired by any component in its Head. My Hammer is Ardite/Cobalt/Wood, so I can repair it with (a lot of) wood. I've added an addendum to the OP.
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    Tinker's Addons gives you back mossy and the 3 extra modifiers. I love the sharpening kits compared to alumite for getting cobalt in a pack without steel. I don't have a handle on what is going on with the handles yet, but now I have a reason to want to find sponge. I hate having to repair tools before I even fill my player inventory, so I try to go for max durability without sacrificing speed. So far my hammer is cobalt ardite obsidian. I never felt the need to one shot the ender dragon, but I would like to one shot the creepers. I miss the travelers belt. Bouncy boots + sling + dark steel chestplate with glider upgrade = <3 x 10 for exploring. I recommend a dozen casting basins for ore doubling early game. By the time you hit the last one, your first one will have cooled.
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    do you know if there's plans to implement bows or crossbows in future updates?
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    Does anyone have details on how Mending Moss works? at each level?
    For the multiblock furnace, is there a way to auto insert to every slot?
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