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Tinkers Construct and Melting Villagers

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by nardavin, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    I am setting up an automatic emerald farm and have just solved a design problem in the farm (In a thread slightly below this one at time of initial publishing of this one) and another problem appeared: Now it seems the villagers do not take damage in the smeltry.

    Details of design if anyone knows if any of these is causing the problem:
    -Uses redstone pulsing every 55 seconds to toggle 3 faucets
    -3 Basins are used to form emerald blocks
    -1 of these basins feeds its blocks back into the smeltry to make sure there is always a melting liquid to damage the villagers
    -About 15 villagers are in the smeltry
    -The same villagers are always used, regen crystals are used to keep them alive

    Note: When i break the smeltry controller and replace it, it works again for a bit but breaks again

    Any help or solutions are appreciated!
  2. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    How much lava is in this system? I've had weird stuff happen when my smeltery was dry on lava, like, molten metals refusing to mix even though they ended up doing so after I added more lava and it had just run out melting those metals level crazy.
  3. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    The smeltry is full with lava, and it is connected to a tesseract which is supplying lava from a pump in the nether
  4. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    I broke and replaced both the controller and lava tank, and now it seems to work again. I will update on whether it stays working.
  5. nardavin

    nardavin New Member

    It seems to stay working. Thanks for asking me about the lava or I wouldn't have thought about breaking it!
  6. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    No problem. Lava related bulldink has been the source of almost every issue I've had with the Smeltery.
    Except that one time I couldn't get it to melt down horses until I melted down a metal first.
  7. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    It doesn't damage entities unless there's a molten something in there already. Apparently standing on lava heated stone doesn't hurt anybody.
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  8. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    To be fair, I haven't had any issues getting things to die in there, except for horses. Those Horses gave me trouble.

    ...Actually, IIRC, they gave me tons of trouble, as I got zero glue from chucking horses in yet got emeralds just fine by chucking villagers in without adding metals first...
  9. Dark Of The Moon

    Dark Of The Moon New Member

    Maybe they put in some(half) real world logic, horses have hooves and therefore they aren't killed by standing on the lava heated stone.
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  10. Bruigaar

    Bruigaar New Member

    Direwolf20 actually just released a video today on his villager farm. Apparently things bug out sometimes with the smeltery and the easiest fix is a bar of molten metal. Or if you can get a friend to help you with some blood that works too.

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  11. Antice

    Antice New Member

    real men don't beg blood from friends. they bleed it themselves. ;)

    I had a lolwut episode today btw. an endermen ported into my smeltery just before i was to take his head off... liquid ender anyone? :cool:
  12. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Yeah, that's a "easy" source of it too. Also mentioned in Mighty Smelting.
    Only issue is if a pearl drops, it can melt too, and there are tons of uses for ender pearls but no way(except one mod I was sure I had seen) to make ender pearls from liquid ender.
  13. Antice

    Antice New Member

    Yeah. a bummer that. especially since endermen seem to be relatively rare to catch in a swampy biome. getting enough pearls to get to the end is a pita sometimes.
  14. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    villagers wont take damage if there is no liquids in smeltery.
    you shoud use fluidducts with servos , then add some metal ingot/nugget to blacklist so it doesnt output that liquid metal .
    that is how i do.
  15. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Hardly so if you are a clever player; I have a way to get a 100% chance to get a pearl from a enderman. It's not impossible or even hard, just sorta difficult to set up at times.
  16. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Or if you know how to find the end portal with 2 throws...
  17. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Yeah, but then it can still take up to 12 pearls to open the gate, and ain't nobody got time for that.
    No, much better to find a way to easily mass farm pearls that doesn't actually involve farming IMO. So a enderman auschwitz I'm making. And it's all gonna be alright...
  18. Kahless61

    Kahless61 New Member

    Personal favorites:
    * MFR Auto-spawner with an enderman pokeball.
    * Rogue Dungeons have probably a 50% chance of spawning an enderman room (easily recognized by the black and white checkerboard pattern)
    * Ominous Woods spawn Endermen and Spiders a LOT more frequently than other biomes.
  19. Antice

    Antice New Member

    Enderman Auschwitz. that kinda has a nasty tone to it. I like it. finding an enderlily helps too. and yeah. getting the enough eyes for the portal itself is the grindy part. i rarely use more than maybe 3 eyes in order to find the portal. sometimes 0... the fortresses aren't that hard to find really. it's just that long range exploration without an enderchest pair is rather frustrating. soo many goodies one has to come back for later unless a system for sending it back home is in place.

    my current monster world has me stumped tho. I've been all over, but not a single enderlily seed, nor any of those floating Ilands in the sky. both key parts of my plan for world domination. time to rethink my plans i guess.
  20. Talonar

    Talonar New Member

    Eh, my ender lily's laugh at your difficulty. Seriously though, unless you need HUNDREDS immediately and can wait and let a farm grow, I do recommend ender lily farms for ender pearls less tall gangly people mad at you that way anyway.

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