Tinkers Construct 2 (1.10+) Tool and Material discussion


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Jun 15, 2020
Just to check @JustAWeeb - what pack are you playing? That will affect which ores span or not. And which ores do you mean?
I want to play a modded world when i get a pc to play minecraft and I want to add TiC 2, its just that I cannot find a thread that shows all the different mods that support TiC 2, theres a list for TiC 1 but not TiC 2 so I am wondering if anything changed


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Jan 2, 2013
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The problem isn't necro-posting, the problem is off-topic-posting!

The purpose of the thread is to discuss whether to build your TC2 pickaxe with a copper tool binding or a paper one. Use cobalt for the speed or iron for the magnetism. etc...

Ideally, a moderator will split off the off-topic discussion in its own thread. That should fix it.