Closed Tier 2 Growth Crystal affecting larger area than described (3.0.4 Beta) [Intended by Mod]

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    Summary of the problem Tier 2 Growth Crystal affecting larger area than described (3.0.4)

    Pack Version 3.0.4 (Beta)

    What is the bug? It seems that the "Growth Crystal Tier 2" is affecting a much larger area than described in the tool tip (9x9) causing lag if placed near another farm with a growth crystal.

    Mod & Version Tiny Progressions 1.10.2-1.0.17

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? 1. Build 2 9x9 farms in close proximity (i have a 9-11 block gap between my two farms)
    2. Place a T2 Growth Crystal as water source in both farms
    3. Place Crops (doesn't really matter which ones)
    4. Place dome Dirt in between both fields
    5. Place some saplings on the newly placed Dirt
    6. Profit?

    Known Fix None

    Edit: fixed/added mod/pack version
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  2. BrainInBlack

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    Did some further testing, the Tier 2 Growth Crystal seems to have a effective range of 11x11, for the growth acceleration and 9x9 for the watering part. Don't know if this an intentional mechanic, or just a bug with the mod. Anyway, issue is created on the Tiny Progressions GitHub.
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    Not a bug, just an inconsistency with the growth/watering range. Mod Dev is thinking about bringing those to ranges in line with each other, or rather if it is at all possible to change the watering range. See GitHub:

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