Solved Throwing items not working

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Summary of the problem Throwing items not working

Pack Version 1.6.0

What is the bug? Initially I thought this was a Compact Machines bug, where you have to throw an item (such as an Ender Pearl) into the field to create the machine. However, throwing ANY item simply results in the item disappearing completely. It doesn't throw and then disappear, it just vanishes from your hotbar altogether. Hit Q or pick it up from your inventory and "throw" it, doesn't make a difference, the item (or stack of items) simply disappears and doesn't "throw" anywhere.

Mod & Version All mods that involve throwing an object.

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes.

Known Fix EDIT: It seems it is the Botania magnet (possibly others?) that is causing the problem. It is making the items not throw, and seemingly disappear, although sometimes they reappear upon relogging. Taking the magnet off allows you to throw items properly, such as creating a Compact Machine.
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Feb 27, 2014
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Hi, thanks for your report. It seems this is an issue between Botania and the latest Baubles release. As such, I will revert to the previous release of Baubles until the issue is addressed. Thanks once again.
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