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    Some screenshots from my survival world.
    My humble abode. Yes, I totally ripped this off from a Youtuber. I didn't stick ugly mobfarms right next to it and I actually made good use out of the inside unlike the original owner :p It's worked well for me. It's in the center chunk (It's become very ingrained in me to always be cognizant of chunk borders) of a 3x3 with my standard spider-proof perimeter. I planted a silverwood because I could, doesn't seem to do anything for flux though. Off to the rigth is the Pams crops tended by a golem. The vacuumulator is under the water block. To the left we have a fishpond that I just threw in to test the trap (HC, I still haven't gotten around to aquatic entangler, which does work w/o aquachow even), I need to automate it, beehive (offscreen, should also automate), our first maple tree and our original farm in the back. A few ground traps off to the right, as well as my original cattle pen (offscreen).
    High density hands-free animal farming. I did this before I discovered the Harvestcraft ground traps. We've got an insightful condenser which collects the XP from breeding, into a tank in the back (yeah, I need to duct it out, as well as pump lapis in, but the mobfarm already generates tons of XP). A vacuumulator behind it collects everything, and then a Farming for Blockheads trough that gets wheat, another behind it gets beets for the pigs. As the animals breed to overcapacity the excess die from crowding. I adjusted the config of the trough to 36 (anything over 24 works, the default of 8 is useless). These are more or less vanilla farms improved with mods. Otherwise you'd need the water dispensers so you could feed them, and hoppers to collect the drops. Life is so much better with mods. I'm sure PETA is on their way to shut me down as we speak.
    Behind the house we have our spruce and dark oak arbors which provide the sap and resin that are the foundation of our TE operation. Ducts bring fluxed phyto-gro and carry off fluids. Not much to see, but considering it's importance I felt it deserved a shot. I really do need to spruce up the yard with some flowers or something. Hey you zombies, get off my lawn! (they're burning up outside the fence).
    Looking in the front door is some basic Thaumcraft stuff as well as my original project bench and some chests, and a Botania pedestal topped up by Everflowing Urn. There is a TL terminal just to my left so they are pretty much unused these days. Just under my feet as you walk in the door (barely visible) is an Open Blocks XP drain, which is my original XP storage and shower, now feeds an auto-anvil. I should probably relocate it but too lazy. I need to do more with this space but haven't gotten around to it.
    Cooking for Blockheads kitchen. Complete with Merchant as well as Pams grinder/presser/shipping crate. The TE pulverizer and centrifuge can perform the functions of the grinder & presser, although either could be automated they are faster, so these are kept here for manual use. I've got the fridge and cabinets kept stocked with meat and produce by ducts, but I haven't gotten around to automating intermediary products.
    Upstairs is where the magic happens, literally. Smeltery, golem press, infusion altar, thaumatorium. It all just fit perfectly. Really lucked out with this house, because it wasn't designed for this, but it just works (mainly because of the open attic or I wouldn't have enough space for jars). Everything is fed by "wireless" essentia. The piped system is for overflow to centrifuges and the flux scrubber once I get the research. I should probably move the workbench and stuff up here and do something nice downstairs. In modded I tend not to build a house and wind up in a cave (and I still spend most of my time in the sub-cellars where the TE stuff is) so it's refreshing to have an actual house.

    For those living in the past still, spamming candles and skulls does nothing for stability in the most current TC. I've got a dozen candles around the Altar, more won't help. It's good enough for moderate recipes. When I get the research there will be redstone stabilizers connected to all the pedestals. It will handle anything at that point.

    The original cellar (this was built over a smaller original house), dug out a bit, this is under the kitchen. Here is the storage drawer system that the vacuumulator feeds into as well as some Bonsai with fruit and nuts. This is a self-contained system that only feeds the kitchen, it does not touch the rest of the network since there is no real reason to. The duct going to the fridge (front right) however is connected to the main, it gets cooked & ground meat, eggs, fish from downstairs. CfB can't really be automated, but the fact that counters/fridges/even fruit basket are seperate inventories as far as piping into them is concerned but all seen as part of the kitchen for use.
    2019-11-25_22.59.55.png Ok, enough fooling around. Onto the reason you came here. To see TE stuff. So the next level down from the basement, just under the rock layer. Here is our main cell and power gen. The infuser on top provides wireless recharge of my flux capacitor with a radius of like 18 blocks, so pretty much anywhere around the house. The dynamos are all nested behind. Off to the right we have tree oil and refined fuel production. To the left is the automated ore-processing. Just past the ladder is our main terminal with dump chest below. I've got some more automated crafting nestled in between. It's a total mess, but it works...mostly. We actually filled the rosin cache too, so yeah, using that for surplus power over wood planks (because of the noise)
    Turning around here is the Phyto-works ® as well as our snowball maker (trying to just make them on demand with a crafter seems to always let some slip out, so I just put a cache on it for sanity sake, it's a shame you can't switch to ice on the fly too). These are really just for making cryotheum, the fridge has an ice-maker upgrade installed. We're really starting to get some sandstone stock now, which shows you how often the pulverizer runs these days (it barely keeps up otherwise). One can always upgrade the caches (and I did the slag in a moment of panic...lest the ore smelters jam) but myself I really don't even see the need for 20k of most items, let alone more. There is always the void augment for secondaries, but that doesn't work for primary output (and the critical products here are the secondaries).

    Moving to the right a bit here's the obsidian maker and wart. The comparator didn't seem to work right on the Ender Tank (I think it only gives full/empty), so I put a TE under it, so the extruder shuts off if that tank isn't full (basicly when your nether pump stops working). I was going to slap a crucible in that melts netherrack into lava when the ender tank is empty, that way the magmatic dynamo will continue to be fed, but having to put that buffer tank in has fucked up my plan until I re-engineer it. The reservoir is in that pool on the right, it was in the back corner originally but then the output was above and it ran into the lava so I moved it. All the water ducts are in the floor. And this was 10 so continued....
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    Turning to the right again, here is our automated pulverizer bank for most ores. A filter on the chest takes only what is desired from dump (really anywhere in the network) and the servo pushing them out is once again filtered in case you accidentally dump something in that chest. Everything goes in the bottom and comes out the top. Another strongbox sorts metal to be smelted and everything else back into the network. The 2 boxes back right, bottom pulls sand from cache and pushes to smelters, top takes ores we want to smelt directly (nether quartz mainly). The sand has a retriever to pull from the cache and a servo to pump it out. That was the only safe way to do this. The other box is setup like the pulverizer input. On the back side (hidden from view) are 2 smelters which have no trouble keeping up right now. Nestled in between are a pair of specialized smelters (1 for rich slag automated gold & silver ores), 1 for signalum/lumium/enderium. There is room to go to 6 pulverizers if I need to without crossing the chunk boundary.

    Foot of the ladder (again I didn't plan this so well) this cramped area tends to be where I spend most of my time. From this terminal I can keep an eye on the alloy smelter (the one with the extra ducts poking out) because it fucks up frequently. The metal pulverizer, trivection furnace, and some crafters are here, with room for more. An extra unused sawmill I stuck here for now, it'll go for the grassoline production chain soon, since that is likely my next mini-project. The compactors for plates and gears are on the other side of the dynamo cluster, but fortunately they misbehave less, and there is access of course. Actually the entire outside perimeter (right past chunk border) is an accessway, which does give me the entire 16x16 to use.

    Down another level here is the fluid-works. Compared to the lab it has been pretty trouble free. This does all our redstone/glowstone/ender crafting. Crafters make signalum/lumium/enderium dusts, transposers make other stuff. The details are all the same as the post showing how to build it, although I compacted it slightly, but I'd still like to make it more tidy. I also just don't like going past a 5 high ceiling since it becomes a hassle to interact with stuff above that, but this thing is just 7 blocks tall no matter what (1 crucible is on the next floor next to the dynamos)
    Since I already had the water supply above as well as power (I pretty much started right above with the extruders) I slapped the insolators down here along with their storage caches. It keeps spillage and jams to a minimum (except when the caches get full) Compared to other mods these days, TD retrievers & servos leave a lot to be desired to be honest. They're just not meant for full on automation like this and work best for small closed-loop systems. The requester and distributor (TL versions) aren't much better at the moment, but Astavie is working on new routing code, check back in a month or so.

    So I started doing the storage in this corner and when I realized it wasn't going to take up the whole level I moved the enstabulator down here, the closer it is to the encapsulator the better really, because that means morbs get in and out faster. The encapsulator being a device and not a machine is not upgradeable, and their ejection cycles and speeds leave something to be desired. Still this system has produced about 4k each common mob drop since it has been in operation, and that is with me mining down there a lot (which stops mobs from spawning). I've also got a resonant tank about full of XP in the back, it gets ducted to the enchanter and a repair unit (which doesn't get used much, but it's nice to have). All of this is in 1 chunk, which even though I could use some more fabs and storage there is still plenty of room so I should probably tidy this shithole up and make it look pretty. There also isn't any reason I couldn't spread out more, I mean it's SP, I can load all the chunks I want (and I do keep the 3x3 loaded) but it's just my habit to try to keep all machinery in 1 chunk. If I didn't have a house the arbors & trees would be right above my ladder to my diggy diggy hole.

    Notice also how we have eliminated the frontnet. There is 1 duct to each cache, no servo. Things that need materials pull it themselves. So much less headaches.

    And here is me looking up at the bottom of the base from the top of the mob farm. It spans from level 20 to 34, which is 24 blocks from the main TE level, but not from the lower storage level, where I spend more time than I expected. In hindsight I should have built this at bedrock, but I hadn't cleared the lava when I built it. OTOH, maybe I'll put my Blood Magic altar down there when I get around to building it. That'll have a cursed earth well of suffering under it. Yeah, just what I need, more mobdrops. At least I won't have any shortage of emeralds...
    So you can see some of the cavern here that I have been steadily increasing. Resonant fluxbore, 3x3x3 digging, silk touch, eff 5 and a resonant jetpack just makes it so easy. With holding IV resonant flux cap (as well as jetpack) I can stay out until my inventory is full and never worry about power. Eventually I'll setup a quarry somewhere and build down here while it does pretty much the last of my work that I haven't automated yet. Possibly BM like mentioned, probably some other mods as well. Maybe just something that looks cool, like a skull fortress with eyes that weep lava...

    Anyway, that's all I got to show for now really. Still trying to get what I can of the kinks out while waiting for fixes for the rest. Then I'll go back and cleanup. Try to get better screens, make a more coherent guide out of these rambling series of posts. Maybe make a youtube video who knows.
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    I finally got around to isolating that servo for FPg, the servo side now goes to the arbors and only the arbors, nothing else shares that line. The insolators all have retrievers on their green input. So while I still get the odd jam from misc stuff, I at least don't get the regular FPg jams anymore.

    Since wheat and beets caches overflowing I also added the grassoline production chain last night. It is a bit of a circle-jerk since with upgraded machines it takes almost the full 360 RF/t the generator produces, and the stuff runs constantly. This will change when the tank get full of course, since production will slow down then, and of course fuel is produced faster than it is consumed so it's just a temporary thing. I also am making bioblend and then enriching it with seed oil, which adds more machines and steps, but also helps use up a larger variety of surplus material (seeds & sawdust) while leaving us with more crops for other use. At it's simplest you could just use biomass to make grassoline directly. Right now it is making biomass out of beets, and seed oil out of beet seeds (and with my current setup if these run out then it will start taking the wheat seeds for oil, and in theory wheat and/or oak saplings for biomass, but more likely will just jam the sawmill). Ideally I would like to have this balance material input from the available choices, which I can probably do with some creative comparator setups, but I'll have to go to other mods since the redstone relays are inadequate. I'll also likely need more crafters instead of combining recipes on higher tier. They just don't work so well.

    Fixing the alloyer setup at least prevents internal jams. I still get cases of things refusing to craft all over. Sometimes I will have to order extra something to get it to process at all, and then cancel the request once I get what I need. Distance seems to have an effect, but not as great as I thought initially. I went and moved all the ingot caches closer to the pulverizer & alloyer. They still dick up with the same distressing frequency. I've had trouble with pulverizing obsidian, and I think I do need to move that closer to the pulverizer (because it is on the other side of the room and the route goes around the long way) but it's still not really an excuse for why it doesn't work right. After having a lot of trouble getting some hardened glass ordered, I found half a stack of pulverized obsidian jamming up an unrelated crafter elsewhere in the network.

    Handling the crafting of resources where output is more than 1 but they frequently get ordered in multiples that don't neatly match is something else I need to work on a solution for. Requester pulling can't seem to be made to match either. For example the fluid transposer that requests bioblend (the seed oil is direct feed at least) is set to 4, because that is what 1 fab craft makes. What happens though is it uses 1 and then puts a request in. The other 3 sit in the fab. Next time it pulls, the fab will craft again and release 1, so now there are 6. It does seem to cancel the ordering at some point at least. It seems to float around 9-11 and not going for full as I feared. The charcoal pulverizer has been running somewhat like this for days; even though it is 1:1, the PG fab will request 1, the buffer always has a few, so it will send 1, and also make another. My attempts to zero the buffer out always result in the fab stopping requesting at all (I'll notice it's stock dropping off) until I go throw another charcoal in manually. For machines with a single recipe output or a buffer it isn't a big deal, it actually makes processing go a little faster since there is already something made for it to spit out right away, and then it goes and makes another. It requires checking on the network regularly though, which I guess isn't the worst thing in the world since once we automate everything we don't have much to do.

    Speaking of, added some more crafters of course. Slowly automating all the things. I got some more storage in place in preparation for automating the PamsHC traps (while we have animal breeding already, they are the only way to get venison, duck, turkey - which are needed for some top-tier foods). The same for the fishtrap, while the shellfish and other things (snails, frogs, turtles, jellyfish) aren't strictly necessary (well not much is really, I live on gourmet burgers and coffee con leche; much like IRL) they add some nice variety. Of course while I find the idea repulsive, it is perfectly viable to go vegan and use soy for everything if you so desire (and since Steve doesn't have to worry about colon cancer or hormonal imbalances turning him into Alex, it is safe :p), and could make for a much smaller infrastructure. So it is something worth considering (well not at this point for me, but early game). One would have to make leather from rotten flesh and I'm not really sure where you'd get feathers. Then there are some non-food recipes that still require fish.

    Anyway...automating the fishtrap (and/or even the aquatic entangler, which I may yet add) adds some more logistics needs to the system. Ground fish and string make bait for the fishtrap, so we do need that. Ground fish can also used in most generic fish recipes that call for raw fish (so it's basic fish doubling). Then there are some recipes that use cooked (we have the trivection chamber setup for that already). Then we've got (from memory) anchovy, sardine, tuna, some but not all shellfish, frogs, snails, octopus, eels - all have unique recipes, not all are worthwhile (and honestly once you've got your SoL needs done, juice or some other crap that takes 1 ingredient and has more saturation than hunger is best bang for the buck, or TC charm that keeps you fed from vis). Then we've got turtle, scallop and mussel which can just be cooked and eaten but not used otherwise. Turtle and scallop you can at least sell for emeralds. Most but not all HC crops can be sold (notably tree crops cannot, bummer cause the bonsai are overflowing). So all these things need to be sorted.

    There are quite a few fish that don't have unique recipes, these can be converted to generic vanilla fish or ground up. So there is the question of how to handle automation of them, considering we get plenty of regular fish to store and use as needed, just grinding the others is probably easiest. I can sort all the fish by mod I think, and then do a 2nd sort to keep the unique fish we want to keep and grind the rest. Also need some automation for things like cooking oil, flour, juice, etc. These also provide bait for the ground traps. Since HC is more of a hobby (and here I thought nothing could be a bigger timesink than Forestry) within a hobby (MC is a hobby) than something that needs to be efficient (unless you like culinary generators, I don't), this all really comes down to personal preferences. For myself it is more of a fun problem to solve than I need this to survive.

    I could possibly automate some Thaumcraft. I imagine crafters on mnemonic interaces to thaumatorium would work, but there isn't really any need to do any of that in bulk. The plates on demand we have (and need because Unidict nukes making plates by hand). Essentia all I need to do is throw stuff in the smeltery and everything else is already automatic. Besides, the all too real danger of my crafters flipping out and causing rifts in my base is terrifying.

    So there is the above left to do, and I think we've made and shown most of what the Thermal Universe has to offer (in case you are new to modded MC or have just been living under a rock these last few years). I'll let some of this sit and marinate a bit, wait for Astavie to update, hopefully we can resolve the remaining big issues and I'll get a more polished guide written. Oh! Potions! I always forget potions. I should do some alchemical imbuer-ing as well as play with the potion container toys from Thermal Innovation. We've got 20k wart sitting around doing nothing. So maybe some automated brewing and filling. And viaducts! We simply must build a viaduct system...because...reasons...Futurama! (or dare I show my age and sing "Meet George Jetson..."). We don't really have anywhere we need to get back and forth to, but that's not the point of a viaduct, a viaduct system is for coolness factor. I guess we can run from the base to the nether portal (it's a couple chunks away, and I do need to move the lava pump daily) and I could replace the ladders. Yes, we'll do this. If I'm feeling really ambitious maybe the village where I spawned which is a few hundred meters away. We could "build a market where the peasants can barter for needed goods". (I must be feeling nostalgic today, that's another ancient game quote)

    As far as my survival game there is plenty left to do. I've been upgrading my armor to RA and enchanting it, but I still need to do the piece de resistance; the combined chestplate/jetpack/capacitor backpack. We still need quarry(s), nuclear reactors, custom dimensions. I'll probably build some IE and IC2 things just because (and really I should, otherwise they might as well be uninstalled). Mastery of magic finish TC as well as start BM, Botania and DE. Twilight Forest to conquer. Still haven't been to the End or killed a Wither yet lol, but I've got the (Thermal) Foundation now to do whatever else I want to pretty quickly and easily.
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